Posted on 03/21/2015

$25 to Learn Something New (Like DIY Necklace Making) on

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Just before all the December-February holiday craziness I had the opportunity to learn about, a website full of educational video courses, and tour Sunset Magazine. I did my hair and makeup for the first time in a while, and showed up not knowing what to expect.



christmas tree

Once there, Sunset Magazine gave a tour, then gave us a mini wine tasting class (Um, yum) before the O’Neil Sisters showed everyone how to make a floating necklace, just as they show users online. The food was delicious and paired well with the wine and fantastic company.

food and wine



At the end of the event, everyone was given $100 to use on to learn something new — Everything from reading Russian to monetizing YouTube  is available in their learning library— and a special link for readers to get $25 to use on the site as well! Use this link to try out Curious (and be sure to let me know what you decide to use your $25 for)! I still haven’t used my credit on the site, but I’ll likely use it in the business learning section.

necklace close up

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