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Posted on 06/29/2016

Mama Style: Summer Dresses Link-Up

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I’m a big fan of dresses — How they can be worn comfy-casual to help keep cool in the Summer or dressed up — Which is why I’ve joined two fantastic ladies in a dress link-up this week! Scroll through to checkout my mama look, then head over to their sites for more, and add your own style pics if you have ’em! Read more

Posted on 04/09/2016

Mama Style: Spring Looks For Outdoor Fun

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Spring means it’s time to break out the hiking gear, get the swim gear ready for the beach, and buy a new pair of tennies! Now that Savannah is 5 she is all the more into going on outdoor adventures with me, and because a lot of my time ends up being on the computer during the week I’m really enjoying going outdoors with her more, too. But Spring isn’t Summer — You need to prepare for a change in weather. Keep reading for a few of my favorite Spring outfits for trips outdoors. Read more

mom and child standing in a field of mustard
Posted on 03/12/2016

Mama Style: Vibrant Hues

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Does it feel like Spring yet where you live? With all the Spring showers there are a lot of beautiful flowers and hillsides right now — and I’m loving it. It’s time to pack away the dreary Winter clothes and pull out all the vibrant hues for Spring! Not sure where to start? This kiddo wearing edition of Mama Style can show you just how to do it. Read more

Posted on 11/03/2015

Mama Style: Fall in Love With Green and Gold

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Fall is upon us, and with that I thought I’d finally share this 70s glam-inspired look Reichel Broussard (Copy Cat Chic) took photos of while we were staying at Holman Ranch (a breathtaking winery with restaurant and event space) during my birthday week in August — It’s perfect for this weather! Green is one of my favorite colors, and though I’m more of a white gold and silver gal, I really like wearing gold with natural/Earthy colors like green, brown, beige and red.  I requested some fun statement jewelry from Sweet & Spark (a cute dad and daughter jewelry shop selling vintage jewelry finds) for this review and was sent a 70s bracelet and necklace to get my outfit ideas going. After searching for the right outfit, I found this clearance dress and fell in love with the color pairing, as well as how I could wear it for work, a special occasion or just glamming up my day. Read more

Posted on 09/08/2015

Mama Style: Casual Fall in Green & Grey

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Don’t you just adore Fall? It’s time for colorful or fun themed umbrellas (depending on where you live), cozy sweaters and scarves, and just a hint of “the paparazzi are after me” in your look. A lot of people tend to lean toward grey and black when it’s Fall and Winter, so this Mama Style is about adding just a pop of color to your comfy look. All items are under $55 each so they aren’t too crazy, and you probably have a lot of this look in your wardrobe already! Check it out below! Read more

Posted on 07/02/2015

Mama Style: Baseball Looks

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Baseball is one of America’s most treasured pastime sports, making it the perfect game to attend or dress for on July 4th. Whether you’re a baseball super fan, always rooting for your favorite team or simply enjoy the comfort of baseball fan gear, this post is for you. None of the above? Don’t skip out, you may still get something from this. Keep reading for my red, white and blue baseball mom style guide. Read more

Posted on 06/26/2015

Mama Style: A Humorous Look at 3 Mommy Fashions

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From fashion magazines to Instagram beauty bloggers, the photos never quite look like real life. Heels and shorts? I’m a mom who hasn’t had a regular exercise routine since I was in high school. I won’t even put shorts on unless I absolutely need to, so heels with them isn’t happening. So what do real mommy clothes look like? Here’s a humorous peek at the reality of mommy fashion, and an intro to the new Mama Style series on Savvy Every Day. Read more

Posted on 06/10/2015

Mama Style: Amusement Park Cool

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It’s hot out but I’m certainly not ready to throw on a pair of shorts (I need another few months to get ready for that!), so I’m all about sun dresses right now. Since I’m going to an amusement park with family soon so I looked for some alternatives to shorts and came up with this cute set. Fun sunglasses for a bright day, a backpack for all my daughter’s things, my camera and my random stuff paired with some cool but comfy shoes makes this a great outfit to bare the heat and withstand the kiddo’s water play. Read more

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