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Posted on 10/23/2015

Tips For Paddle Boarding With Kids

Adventure/ Big Kid/ Family/ Preschooler/ Travel

Water covers the Earth, we know what’s in there, but when you stand at the beach looking out the water seems endless and unknown. It can be incredibly scary for some kiddos (and adults), but also very peaceful (especially if you’re on the water paddle boarding). Some are brave enough to try stand up paddle boarding (SUP) in the ocean, others stick to the lake. I’m not a very good swimmer (and haven’t been out in water in about 6 years), so I tried SUP with my daughter during off-season at Kings Beach in Lake Tahoe — It was magnificent. Everyone masters being in the water differently, though —especially kids — so if you’re thinking about taking your child out to SUP, consider these simple tips first. Read more

Posted on 07/24/2015

How My Family Ate Gluten-Free in Europe


Most people are surprised when they hear that traveling in Italy while eating gluten-free is quite easy. There are enough people with celiac disease for this small country to do things quite differently than in the United States. Of course, having a successful gluten-free vacation starts with planning. Keep reading to learn how I ate gluten-free with my family while traveling in Italy and Rome for seven days. Read more

Posted on 07/06/2015

Family Road Trip Essentials

Adventure/ Travel

Summer is the perfect time of year for a family road trip. The kids are out of school and you have just enough vacation time saved for an extended weekend adventure, or maybe even a big getaway. My family usually road trips from Nor Cal to So Cal at least 2-3 times a year, and there are some essentials (besides a great car seat) that we simply could not drive without. Keep reading for my list of must-bring items, and tell me in the comments what your family has on their must-bring list! Read more

Posted on 06/12/2015

Car in Review: 2015 Lexus RX 450h

Adventure/ Autos/ Travel

This post is about a month overdue. I tested out the Lexus RX 450h (starting at $48,000) shortly after the ES 300h, and it was fantastic. This is only the second car I’ve test driven for Savvy Every Day, and second Lexus I’ve ever driven, but it definitely had some winning points, as well as some pros and cons in comparison to the ES 300h. If you’re deciding between a sedan or crossover  SUV, keep reading. Not looking for a car? Keep reading anyway and scroll through some lovely car shots. Read more

Posted on 04/12/2015

Visiting Tahoe in the 2015 Lexus ES 300h

Adventure/ Travel

Since Savannah was 2, I’ve wanted to make the drive up to Tahoe to show her its’ snowy wonder. That still hasn’t quite happened, but she and I did recently make a trip to the Tahoe area (when it wasn’t snowing) for the first time to enjoy a mommy-daughter weekend with Reichel from Copy Cat Chic and her daughter. At first I was a bit unsure about making the drive up myself, but Lexus graciously lent me their 2015 ES 300h (starting at $41,000) for a one week review so that I could check out the car and make it to Tahoe with the safety of hands-free controls, a built in GPS and assertive handling. So not only did I drive to Tahoe for the first time, but I drove a Lexus for the first time, too, making this trip extra adventurous. Read more

Posted on 04/08/2015

Exploring Creativity at KidZone Museum

Adventure/ Birthing/ Travel

The Tahoe area isn’t just a fun place to visit when there’s snow on the slopes — both Tahoe and Truckee have a bunch of family fun to offer during off seasons, like KidZone Museum in Truckee. Though this nonprofit museum was originally created by a group of parents in 1992 to provide an indoor play space for local families with kids ages 7 and under during cold weather, it has now expanded to a must-visit spot for tourists, too. Keep reading for all the reasons exploring creativity at KidZone Museum in Truckee is something families visiting the area should add to their itinerary, no matter the weather. Read more

Posted on 12/22/2014

Weekend Getaway: Hotel Diva in Union Square

Adventure/ Travel

Baby’s coming and you realize that you just may not have another night out alone with your spouse again. What do you do? Go on a babymoon! These one-night outings or weekend escapes are huge now, and hotels have caught on. Hotel Diva in San Francisco is a sexy little boutique hotel located smack dab in Union Square — It’s close to everything a tourist or weekender may want to visit and they now have a new Pregnant & Pampered SF package available that’s just adorable. The hotel definitely appears to cater to young and trendy with it’s downtown location and distance to nightclubs like Ruby Sky, but it’s also kid-friendly! There’s a Kids Suite with bunk beds, a dress up wall, kids movies and games and other toys, plus they have little crowns and kid-only visit feedback sheets for after your stay (it’s pretty adorable). I read about Personality Hotels, which owns Hotel Diva and several other SF-based hotel locations, on a blog and thought it was so cute how the different hotels had well-designed (not funky) different themes in their rooms from sports to kiddo playtime and chic and sultry. Hotel Diva is strictly diva (with the exception of the kids suite), and it’s super neat. I went to try out their Pregnant & Pampered SF experience for readers last weekend (with daughter and my mom to help wrangle said 3-year-old in tow) and had a blast. Read more

Posted on 11/16/2014

Exploring LEGOLAND: 5 Reasons you’ll Want to Go Again

Adventure/ Birthing/ Family/ Travel

If you have a kid under 12, you know what LEGOs are. But, have you ever been to LEGOLAND California? If you haven’t, I’m here to to tell you some reasons why you should go. Now. Even if you’ve been to LEGOLAND California before, there’s a lot of reasons to go again. The park is perfect for ages 3 and up — once you’re kiddo is 3 they’re able to go on most of the rides in the park (minimum of 40-42 inches) with an adult or big kid. Read more

Posted on 09/13/2014

Na ‘Āina Kai: Secret Garden of Kaua’i

Adventure/ Travel

A family visit to Kaua’i isn’t complete without learning about the beautiful plants covering the land, so I contacted Na ‘Āina Kai (or “Lands by the Sea”) Botanical Gardens, Sculpture Park and Hardwood Plantation about touring as a family while in Kaua’i. The nonprofit Lands By the Sea started as the personal garden of Joyce and Ed Doty — the two loved to create vast, themed gardens connected to culture, and wanted to open their sort of “secret garden” to the public for everyone to enjoy, and to educate the public about tropical nature. Read more

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