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playing panda doctor app on  Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids tablet loaded with Amazon FreeTime Unlimited
Posted on 03/28/2018

Why It’s OK That My Daughter Missed Spring Camp This Year

Adventure/ Art Time/ Big Kid/ Family

This post was sponsored by Amazon but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

For some, Spring Break means more sleep, family vacation or kids camp. For me, it means figuring out how to entertain my 1-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter while building my business, working on deadlines and attempting to not let the mom guilt consume me because the work seems never-ending (but I also do all of the jobs for this website and Navigating Postpartum, so there’s that). I was all set to sign Savannah up for a 4-day camp to get a little bit more time during her 2-week break from school when she protested, saying how much she hates camp. Ugh. I don’t know if it was the mom guilt or how much I love to save money . . . but I let her stay home. The good news? I learned some more reasons I’m thankful for the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids tablet loaded with Amazon FreeTime Unlimited and that it’s OK for her to miss camp! Here are some ways the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids tablet has helped us during the break so far, and why I’m OK with S not being at camp. Read more

Posted on 02/09/2016

DIY Valentines For the Last-Minute Parent

Art Time/ DIY/ Home Page/ Social Time

Those little themed character boxes of Valentine’s Day cards don’t cost much — They’re like $6 and you have the whole class covered, right? Well, unless you also buy a bag of snacks or tattoos to stick on them. But let’s be honest, we hate buying them. The valentine comments are either bordering inappropriate or your kiddo’s fave character is completely picked over so the only box left is the smashed up, partially open one you’re not too sure about. If you’re like me, chances are you either prepare for Valentine’s Day way way in advance or completely forget and are scrambling to put something together for the kiddo at the last minute. Either way, store valentines won’t cut it. But we’ve got you covered! Some super awesome bloggers are sharing their adorable —But simple! — DIY Valentines (with printables) that you can either do way ahead of time or 10 minutes before school drop off. Bonus? The kids will LOVE spending time with you making these, so you get your bonding and artsy time in, too. Man you’re awesome! Read more

Posted on 12/19/2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Kids Activity Pack

Art Time/ Big Kid/ Family/ Home Page/ Preschooler/ Toddler

2014 Lucasfilm Ltd. TM. All Right Reserved.

2014 Lucasfilm Ltd. TM. All Right Reserved.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens set a new all-time record with a 5-day international debut of $517 million globally! Keep the fun going with this action-filled activity pack. From coloring sheets to memory games it’s sure to get the family ready for seeing the new movie (or keep them entertained once it’s over and they’re not quite ready to leave the Jedi life yet). Click on the giant Activity Pack image below for the activity pack PDF download then click on the movie’s poster for a full-size download of the poster! May The Force be with you. Read more

Inside Out Scrapbook Download button picture
Posted on 11/09/2015

Inside Out Activity Downloads for After School Playdates

Art Time/ Big Kid/ Family/ Home Page/ Preschooler/ Toddler

It isn’t always easy figuring out ways to entertain the kiddos on a rainy day after school — especially if they have a friend over — but these free Inside Out downloads are sure to have you set. From the recipes for themed snacks to activity and coloring sheets, there’s enough fun to keep the kids busy for a few hours, or even to plan an Inside Out themed family night or birthday party! Click on the images in each download section to be directed to a PDF you can save to your computer. Read more

Posted on 09/18/2015

Free Cinderella Printables Perfect For Family Night

Art Time/ Big Kid/ Family/ Home Page/ Preschooler

Roast some popcorn, put on your favorite dress and get your scissors out, because this weekend is the perfect time to watch the newly released Cinderella movie with the family and play some games to go with it! From Cinderella-inspired recipes to crafts and games, these free printables are the perfect touch to family movie night fun, or any slumber party. Read more

Posted on 09/12/2015

3 Free Downloadable “The Good Dinosaur” Activities to Preoccupy Your Kids

Art Time/ Big Kid/ Family/ Home Page/ Preschooler/ Social Time/ Toddler

Disney recently announced all the big hits they plan to release in theaters this year during the D23 EXPO, and The Good Dinosaur — A tale about a world where dinosaurs aren’t extinct — is one of them. A sheltered Apatosaurus named Arlo finds a friend in a human boy called Spot, who helps him find his way home in this visually stunning and adorable tale set to release on Nov. 25. This movie doesn’t have an audience rating yet, but looks appropriate for toddler/preschooler ages and up, and the free downloadable activities in this post are perfect for those ages! Scroll through to get your free movie-themed downloads for activities that just might occupy your little one’s time and keep their interest! Read more

Little boy on a slide
Posted on 06/19/2015

6 Ways to Make Staying Home For the Summer Fun

Art Time/ Big Kid/ Birthing/ DIY/ Family/ Home Page/ Preschooler/ Social Time/ Toddler

Finding ways to have fun with the kids this summer doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. As gas prices continue to fluctuate, the cost of groceries skyrockets and more families opt for staycations over the traditional family getaway, the time is now to get creative with summertime fun. Art museums, public museums and local zoos often offer free days to sample every so often, but the fun doesn’t have to end there — Keep reading for some activities you can do from the comfort of your own backyard! Read more

Posted on 03/04/2015

Easy DIY Garland Crown (VIDEO)

Art Time/ DIY/ Home/ Home Page/ Parties

garland crownGarland crowns are popping up on shelves right now as the accessory for Spring, but at about $6 each, it’s cheaper to make your own. If you’re not super crafty (like me), or don’t want to buy the wire and fake flowers all separate to make a bunch of crowns, check out me easy way to make them in the video below (turn your volume up, sorry for the low audio).


This video is a part of the Making a Maleficent Party series and is in no way sponsored by any company.

Posted on 09/24/2014

Savvy Review: Creating With Kiwi Crate

Art Time/ Big Kid/ Birthing/ DIY/ Home Page/ Preschooler

I’ve seen Kiwi Crate ads for years, but never really knew what the box was like except for the fact that it had crafts for kids to do and my daughter, S,  wasn’t old enough to do them. Until now, that is. She’s older and just about in the age bracket for the regular Kiwi box meant for ages 4-8 so Kiwi Crate sent me a box to try out. When the box arrived I had no idea what to expect, but I’m definitely happy with what was inside. I think my box was from August because it’s the Amusement Park box — complete with a silly squirter game craft and build your own bumper cars. Read more

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