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How Electric Vehicles Can Teach Kids About Power
Posted on 09/29/2016

How Electric Vehicles Can Teach Kids About Power

Autos/ Tech

Schools have been showing the balloon on the hair trick to teach students about static electricity for some time now. My daughter just learned it in her preschool’s science class last year. But why stop with that and how different conductors can work? Why not show our kids how it can be applied in a creative sense to better the world? Keep reading for a few ways to teach your kids about power with the help of electric vehicles. Read more

Posted on 07/06/2016

Family Trips to Fun Places: Mendocino, CA

Adventure/ Autos/ Travel

There’s something calming about the beach — Kiddos play nicely, the sound of the waves sooth and you can kinda just be. There’s definitely a reason I frequent beaches despite not being a great swimmer. I drove about 4-5 hours to Mendicino with my mom and kiddo for a few days away while test driving the Lexus RX 350 and we were all a bit sad for our 3 days, 2 nights to be over. Keep reading for things to do with the family when visiting Mendicino. Read more

2016 Toyota Avalon
Posted on 03/07/2016

Car in Review: 2016 Toyota Avalon


Are you a fan of hybrids? I wasn’t sure about them at first — The quiet drive and shape of most models was a bit off-putting — but now I adore them! You get used to not hearing anything when you’re in Drive mode, tend to enjoy the benefits of a gas saving vehicle and there are so many body styles out now. The 2016 Toyota Avalon ($32K) completely surprised me with its luxury sedan look and style, so I’m excited to share this option with you in this month’s Car in Review! I took the Avalon (in a pretty blue Night Pearl color) to Carmel-by-the-sea for a little “Me Time,” and also on trips with my grandma (who just moved out my way) during my week-long test drive. Keep reading for the “Oooh” and “Hmm” from my experience driving the 2016 Avalon. Read more

Collage showing pictures of Coyote Hills and the Camry SE
Posted on 01/04/2016

A Day at Coyote Hills in the 2016 Toyota Camry SE

Adventure/ Autos/ Travel

School breaks are fun for the kids, but often leave parents wondering how to entertain the kids and still get some work done. Since my sitting at the computer searching for a logo update was making the kiddo a bit antsy, I decided to take the 2016 Camry SE (Starting at $23,840) I was reviewing during Christmas out for a little adventure to Coyote Hills Regional Park with my sister to keep our kiddos entertained.Keep reading for a recap of our day and my take on Camry’s safe family “sport” car.


Coyote Hills Regional Park is a part of East Bay Parks in California and offers hiking, biking, naturalist programs, butterfly garden, wildlife refuge, and picnic fun. According to their site, there’s about 979 acres of marshland and rolling grasslands, so we thought this would be a great sort of nature learning experience for the kids, too. When I was a kid I went to Coyote Hills and Don Edwards Bridge for field trips where we would dissect owl pellets. As I got older it was just a pretty place to walk and use as a backdrop for photos I took of families. I forgot about it for a bit and never took S here . . until now. Neither kiddo had ever heard of a marsh before, so they learned something when we went! Read more

Picture of a cherry red Mazda 6 parked in front of cabins surrounded by trees.
Posted on 12/01/2015

Car in Review: 2016 Mazda6

Adventure/ Autos/ Parent Life

After having kids any dream of that cherry red sports car is out the window, right? Well not necessarily! Mazda has managed to marry a 5-passenger sedan with a sports car for a little zoom zoom that gives families a sense of safety and vroom. I took the 2016 Mazda6 (Starting at $22K) up to Truckee for Friendsgiving recently (yes, I’ve been going there a lot lately) to test out how it fares on suburban, rural and freeway roads with a kiddo and some Friendsgiving treats in the car. I was surprised by this car, for sure, and you wouldn’t guess why! Keep reading for my “Ooh!” and “Hmm” family car breakdown on the Mazda6. Read more

Collage of pictures from Donner Lake
Posted on 10/26/2015

Making a Mother-Daughter Trip to Donner Lake

Adventure/ Autos/ Family/ Travel

Have you been to the Lake Tahoe/Truckee area? It’s so nice. Every time I visit is literally and figuratively a breath of fresh air. Traffic isn’t as crazy, there are still a lot but not a ton of people (at least when I go during off-season times), and there’s so much to go do and explore. One of the recent spots I visited with S was Donner Lake. It’s a relaxing spot with something for kids and parents alike, and super easy to get to. I was test driving the gas-efficient 2016 Mazda CX-5 (starting at $22K) during our trip, which made it easier to climb the hills and go on the 3-hour drive to get to the Truckee area for Donner Lake (plus hold all our stuff). Once there, I was really surprised by the lake — There are a few playgrounds right on the beach, several picnic areas with some grills and even benches directly in the sand itself. It’s a peaceful and lovely place to visit. Keep reading for a few tips for your own adventure to the lake! Read more

Posted on 10/14/2015

21 Awesome Kids Raincoats to Keep in Your Car

Autos/ Baby/ Big Kid/ Family/ Kiddo Style/ Preschooler/ Style/ Toddler

It’s going to rain eventually, maybe not much, and no one is quite sure when . . . but it will rain. Right? Usually, it’s when you’ve rushed the kids out of the house to get them to school on time only to arrive and notice that the sky looks a bit cloudy and something just dropped on your head. Now your nose. Full on sprinkling starts and the kids don’t have a jacket of any kind because the weather’s been fluctuating between 76-90 degrees the last few weeks. This is when keeping a raincoat (along with all the other junk useful kids items) in the trunk is a huge help. You look like a super prepared parent who of course knew it would rain, your kids aren’t constantly complaining about being drenched all day when you pick them up and you don’t have to deal with them getting sick from the little no coat fiasco. Need some help getting started? Check out the adorable raincoats for toddlers, preschoolers and big kids alike in the slider below to find the perfect car coat(s) for your family. Once you see one you like, click on the image to be directed to full details.  Read more

Posted on 09/02/2015

Car in Review: 2016 Kia Sorento

Adventure/ Autos/ Family

If compact cars and typical crossover SUVs are a bit too small for your family but you aren’t quite ready for a minivan or massive gas guzzler just yet, you’re going to be enamored with September’s Car in Review! The 2016 Kia Sorento is a crossover SUV with a similar size to other crossover SUVs but the luxury of a full-size SUV and intelligent design unlike any other crossover I’ve seen. So what are “Oooh” and “Hmm” bits about this vehicle? Keep reading for the details, and why I’m sad I had to return it after six days of testing. Read more

Posted on 07/22/2015

Car in Review: 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage ES

Autos/ Birthing/ Family/ Teen

This month’s Car in Review is a zippy compact car by Mitsubishi — the 2015 Mirage ES. With a starting price of just $14,295 (with manual transmission, $15,395 for CVT), an Eco mode and some nice little add-ons included, it was a fun ride to test out for a week-long experience with the family. Want to know what it’s really like? Keep reading for my honest opinion about how this car handles, fits a family and who I think would fit it best. Read more

Posted on 06/12/2015

Car in Review: 2015 Lexus RX 450h

Adventure/ Autos/ Travel

This post is about a month overdue. I tested out the Lexus RX 450h (starting at $48,000) shortly after the ES 300h, and it was fantastic. This is only the second car I’ve test driven for Savvy Every Day, and second Lexus I’ve ever driven, but it definitely had some winning points, as well as some pros and cons in comparison to the ES 300h. If you’re deciding between a sedan or crossover  SUV, keep reading. Not looking for a car? Keep reading anyway and scroll through some lovely car shots. Read more

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