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Posted on 10/09/2014

5 Misconceptions About Babywearing

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Life is full of misconceptions, and babywearing is no different. From telling you that you’re going to drop your baby to mentioning that it’s strange that you’re babywearing because it’s something just for women, there are a lot of strange notions floating around . . . and this post is going to cover the big ones. Keep reading to learn some more, and share this post with someone you think could use the information. Read more

Posted on 10/07/2014

Men Do Babywear: 6 Dads Share Their Journey

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No mom can resist a babywearing dad — it’s true — moms love when dads make the effort to babywear and be actively a part of their kiddo’s life. It makes us all mooshy, really. So if you’re hesitant about wearing the baby in your family, don’t be. Not only are there so many more babywearing dads than you may imagine, but these dads are building strong relationships with their newborns, little ones, and even big kids by carrying them close (not to mention the bonus points they’re getting from their partner). Six moms from around the world sent in photos of the babywearing dads in their life, along with a little bit about what they have to say of their man’s babywearing journey, and what he thinks about babywearing. This is a tribute to dads who babywear, and to encourage more men to try it out. These 6 men prove that there isn’t a “type” for a babywearing dad — they may not have a lot in common and live in very different places but all of these men babywear and love it! Read more

Posted on 10/06/2014

The Journey of a Babywearing Mama: LaKeta

Baby/ Family/ Home Page/ Kiddo Carries/ Mom/ Parent Life/ Toddler

LaKeta Kemp is a Tempe, Arizona babywearing mama who swears by babywearing. She has a 15-year-old daughter and two twin 13-month-old daughters who have all benefited from babywearing at some point. LaKeta says that she feels like an ambassador for babywearing, and so makes the time to share her insights with other twin moms via educational videos at Tandem Trouble on YouTube, and offers support through Tandem Trouble’s Facebook community page. Savvy Every Day asked LaKeta to share some of her personal babywearing experiences and know-how through a quick Q&A. Keep reading to learn how she went from babywearing beginner to the leader she is today.

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Posted on 09/07/2014

The Shirt That’s Soothing Babies and Empowering Women

Baby/ Birthing/ Home Page/ Kiddo Carries/ Mom/ Parent Life/ Pregnancy

Lalabu, named in honor of mama Lalabu by creators Keri and Brian because she introduced skin-to-skin and babywearing to them while on a trip in Africa, creates a fashionable Soothe Shirt ($60) perfect for infants from birth to 15 pounds. They sent me a Pure Black Soothe Shirt to review for you all (so look for that toward the end), but before I share my review, I wanted to tell you why I chose to review this Soothe Shirt — it’s beautiful. Read more

Posted on 08/04/2014

Wrapscapes and Coffee Books: How One Mom’s Dream is Coming True

Baby/ Dad/ Design/ Home Page/ Kiddo Carries/ Mom/ Mom/Dad/ Parent Life/ Toddler

Back in May, Savvy Every Day shared pictures from Bay Area artist, JoyLynn Wong‘s blog, Carried Away, where she shares a new wrap art scene every week or so, along with a list of all the wraps used to create the scene. Since then, JoyLynn has added several more wrapscapes (as she calls them) to her blog (see slideshow), and has embarked on an IndieGoGo campaign to preserve and share her wrapscapes via a coffee table book with visuals, nursery rhymes and short poems families everywhere can enjoy. These wrapscapes take the viewer on a journey as Joylynn’s little one ages from a nibbling three month-old to an animated 1-year-old, and the depth and array of the warpscapes also develops into more complex scenes.

So far, the Carried Away IndieGoGo Campaign has raised $3,000 toward JoyLynn’s $5,000 goal, but with just about 5 days left, she’s hoping the campaign ends much closer to the goal amount. Carried Away is offering a 5×7 postcard with JoyLynn’s favorite wrapscape for $10, a first-edition copy of the book for $20, and several other bundles all the way up to the big $500 option, which includes a wrapscene photo shoot with your own little one! Read more

Posted on 05/31/2014

A Mom’s Journey Into Woven Wrap Art

Art Time/ Baby/ DIY/ Family/ Kiddo Carries/ Parent Life

Whether it’s drawings about what baby’s dreaming of, or beautiful wrap art, baby art scenes are irresistibly adorable. Bay Area artist, JoyLynn Wong discovered her love of babywearing and passion for art could be combined when her son was just 3 months old. Since then, she’s been creating detailed scenes using her large assortment of woven wraps, and little super star. On her blog, Carried Away, she shares a new wrap art scene every week or so, along with a list of all the wraps used to create the scene. With so many wraps, the list can be long, and if you’re unfamiliar with the world of woven wraps, it also may seem a bit technical, but these lists help families find any wraps in the scene that may be love at first sight. Personally, I am fawning over JoyLynn’s Natibaby Delin Sky” href=”” target=”_blank”>Natibaby Delin Sky used in her Laundry Day art scene. These masterpieces are of course a fun way to chart the growth of her little one, and see how not only her wrap art has evolved, but how her son has grown and changed since the first piece was created. Savvy every Day looks forward to more of JoyLynn’s heartwarming work, and possibly sharing more with you here in the future. Read more

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