artichokes and tomatoes before grilling
Posted on 05/30/2017

Getting Ready For Barbecue Season

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It’s officially barbecue season! Now that we live pretty far from the SF Memorial Day Ceremony, my family usually barbecues on Memorial Day, and it’s the kickoff to a summer of barbecues with friends and family. We really enjoy barbecue season, but there are a few things that are musts when it comes to being prepared.

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What do you need for barbecue season? A good barbecue includes a comfortable space to enjoy food with friends, and the tools to cook with! We invited some of S’ school friends and my family to eat barbecue with us to celebrate her kinder graduation and Memorial Day this past Friday. We had a lot to get ready beside the tasty fruits, veggies, and meat since it was the first barbecue of the season. Here are some of my picks for getting ready for the season from Wayfair.

watermelon and grilled veggies

grilling sausage

barbecue dinner

Patio Set


Grilling Set

Grill Cleaner


Meat Thermometer

Grill Cover

Fire Starters

eating a burger

artichokes and tomatoes before grilling

How do you get ready for barbecue season?

Getting Ready For Barbecue Season- What You Need

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