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kissing newborn river after birth
Posted on 03/30/2017

The Story of My Son’s 20-Minute Birth

Being Mama/ Postpartum/ Pregnancy

The only thing to expect in birthing is the unexpected. It’s one of those events where you need to prepare yourself as best you can for the outcome you’d like while also knowing that it may not go as planned. My plan for a natural birth with my daughter turned into an early induction loaded with hospital interventions. My son’s birth? It happened naturally and took just 20 minutes. Seriously. This is the story of River’s birth. Read more

Star Moon and Cloud Baby Registry Image Roundup
Posted on 01/31/2017

The Ultimate Star, Moon and Cloud Baby Registry

Being Mama/ Design/ Home/ Postpartum

Nursery rooms and baby showers have a theme, so why not your baby registry? Focusing on a theme can help make putting the shower together a bit easier, and also help ensure that the mom-to-be gets items that she actually needs and wants for the new baby. Since my nursery room is star, moon and cloud themed with gray, white and mint as the main colors, I created an ultimate star, moon and cloud baby registry to share! From something for the big sis or big bro-to-be to items needed for diapering (minus the given wipes & diapers) and bedtime, you’ll find this is a super complete list of musts for families expecting for the first time or again. Be sure to enter the giveaway at the end! Read more

Posted on 05/30/2016

Babywearing in the Military — Erin’s Story

Being Mama/ Kiddo Carries/ Postpartum

Managing a newborn and the day-to-day isn’t easy without a little bit of help — Which is why so many parents love babywearing. Savvy Every Day partnered with The Carrying on Project, a nonprofit that makes babywearing accessible to those in the military, to create a series about military personnel (and their spouses) who babywear. Every two weeks between Memorial Day and Labor Day a new family will be featured. Follow along as these parents share what babywearing means to them, and any tips they may have for parents new to the world of babywearing. Want to be a part of the project? Email This week’s post is from Erin C., an Air Force Reservist, full-time working toddler mom and military spouse in Colorado. Read more

Posted on 11/17/2015

3 Things I Learned After I Stopped Breastfeeding

Being Mama/ Breastfeeding/ Postpartum

Breastfeeding is tough whether you’re able to get it down or not. There’s a LOT of learning to be done before you start nursing then even more once you actually have a newborn there to figure out the right latch, pumping and everything else that connects to the fact that you’re breastfeeding. But I actually learned a few things after I stopped nursing my first born that I really didn’t expect. Things that weren’t covered in my nursing manuals or discussed by consultants.  Read more

Posted on 10/13/2014

The Journey of a Babywearing Mama: Jennifer

Being Mama/ Kiddo Carries/ Life/ Postpartum

Manteca, California babywearing mama, Jennifer Silva, has worn both her kiddos since birth. Though her aunt first introduced her to the art of babywearing, she says that the support of other moms via in-person meet ups through groups like La Leche League (LLL) and local babywering groups have really helped her along the way (and allowed her to help others just starting out in the world of mommyhood). Keep reading for her advice to moms considering babywearing, and to find out which types of carries she prefers for different ages in this Q&A from the Journey of a Babywearing Mama Series.
Read more

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