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Posted on 10/23/2015

Tips For Paddle Boarding With Kids

Adventure/ Big Kid/ Family/ Preschooler/ Travel

Water covers the Earth, we know what’s in there, but when you stand at the beach looking out the water seems endless and unknown. It can be incredibly scary for some kiddos (and adults), but also very peaceful (especially if you’re on the water paddle boarding). Some are brave enough to try stand up paddle boarding (SUP) in the ocean, others stick to the lake. I’m not a very good swimmer (and haven’t been out in water in about 6 years), so I tried SUP with my daughter during off-season at Kings Beach in Lake Tahoe — It was magnificent. Everyone masters being in the water differently, though —especially kids — so if you’re thinking about taking your child out to SUP, consider these simple tips first. Read more

Posted on 09/18/2015

Free Cinderella Printables Perfect For Family Night

Art Time/ Big Kid/ Family/ Preschooler

Roast some popcorn, put on your favorite dress and get your scissors out, because this weekend is the perfect time to watch the newly released Cinderella movie with the family and play some games to go with it! From Cinderella-inspired recipes to crafts and games, these free printables are the perfect touch to family movie night fun, or any slumber party. Read more

Posted on 09/12/2015

3 Free Downloadable “The Good Dinosaur” Activities to Preoccupy Your Kids

Art Time/ Big Kid/ Family/ Preschooler/ Social Time/ Toddler

Disney recently announced all the big hits they plan to release in theaters this year during the D23 EXPO, and The Good Dinosaur — A tale about a world where dinosaurs aren’t extinct — is one of them. A sheltered Apatosaurus named Arlo finds a friend in a human boy called Spot, who helps him find his way home in this visually stunning and adorable tale set to release on Nov. 25. This movie doesn’t have an audience rating yet, but looks appropriate for toddler/preschooler ages and up, and the free downloadable activities in this post are perfect for those ages! Scroll through to get your free movie-themed downloads for activities that just might occupy your little one’s time and keep their interest! Read more

Posted on 06/24/2015

3 Things Families Can Learn From Olympic Swimmers

Big Kid/ Birthing/ Family/ Health/ Teen

Swim Today put together a parent meet and greet in Santa Clara, CA with three-time Olympic gold medalist Rowdy Gaines, as well as four-time gold medalist Missy Franklin‘s Dad, Dick, Olympic Gold Medalist Conor Dwyer‘s dad, Pat, and a local dad who is currently taking his 10-year-old son to competitions in hopes of someday making it to the Olympics. During this event, Rowdy asked these swim dads some great questions about the process of becoming an Olympic swimmer, then taught a quick swim clinic to all the kids, and I learned a lot, including what we could all learn from Olympians and their families! Read more

Little boy on a slide
Posted on 06/19/2015

6 Ways to Make Staying Home For the Summer Fun

Art Time/ Big Kid/ Birthing/ DIY/ Family/ Preschooler/ Social Time/ Toddler

Finding ways to have fun with the kids this summer doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. As gas prices continue to fluctuate, the cost of groceries skyrockets and more families opt for staycations over the traditional family getaway, the time is now to get creative with summertime fun. Art museums, public museums and local zoos often offer free days to sample every so often, but the fun doesn’t have to end there — Keep reading for some activities you can do from the comfort of your own backyard! Read more

Posted on 04/14/2015

Solving Bedwetting With the Chummie System

Big Kid/ Birthing/ Family/ Preschooler

Courtesy of Chummie

Bedwetting doesn’t always stop after a child is potty trained, in fact it can sometimes (intermittently) last into the teen years! Though it may be frustrating, blaming your child or putting pressure on him only aggravates the situation, and hurts your child. It’s important to remember that parenting shouldn’t be a competition — every kid hits milestones differently — and that there are a variety of possible causes for bed wetting, as well as solutions. Keep reading for a look at a few common causes and a great solution called Chummie, a bedwetting treatment system. Read more

Posted on 03/30/2015

6 Darling Dresses For Spring 2015

Baby/ Big Kid/ Birthing/ Family/ Kiddo Style/ Preschooler/ Toddler

Easter was one of the most important holidays of the year when I was growing up. My moms would always leave a jelly bean trail to a cute little basket somewhere filled with chocolate, gift cards or toys and an outfit to wear at church that day. The Easter dress was an annual tradition as sacred as the gifting of pajamas on Christmas Eve. I anticipated it and it was something I could always count on. So I thought it would be fun to follow up my Dapper Easter Duds For Boys post with some darling dresses for girls to get on Easter morning for that special day. These dresses are all fairly inexpensive and fit 12 months to girls’ 6X. Read more

Posted on 03/19/2015

Dapper Easter Duds For Boys

Baby/ Big Kid/ Birthing/ Family/ Kiddo Style/ Toddler

Kiddos look adorable when they’re dressed all dapper, so why not make it tradition for Easter to be your family’s dapper day (With or without Disneyland)? I’ve selected a few outfits that would be oh so adorable for babies, toddlers and big kids alike and have rounded up a few for you here. These are all from Target, where they’re offering a buy one, get one 50 percent off deal on all dress up clothes until March 28 (plus another 5 percent off and free shipping if you have a Red Card). Check these out and comment below with pics of your dapper kids, or your favorite clothes for Easter this year!

dapper Easter Duds


This post contains affiliate links, which means if you purchase something I get a commission. Thank you for supporting this website.

A: Just One You™ Made by Carter’s® Boys’ 3-Piece Top and Bottom Set ($22, 2T-5T). This ready-made dress up set is a great price! You get a cute tie, a Springtime dress shirt and some snazzy pants. Your kiddo can dress down the pants by wearing them with a grey shirt, or any non-dress shirt on regular days, then keep the shirt and tie handy for those last-minute special occasions.

B: Toddler Boys’ Decked in Check Easter Collection at Target (12 months-5T, boys 6-7). This collection pairs Cherokee’s brown Doug Boots ($16, Toddler 5-12) with either a Plaid Black & White Necktie ($5, 2T-5T) or Green Plaid Necktie ($5, 2T-5T), Poplin Cargo Shorts ($6.40, 12 months-5T, boys 6-7), and your choice of a Plaid Button Down in Caspian Sea ($10, 12 months-5T, boys 6-7) or a Charcoal Gingham Check Button Down ($10, 12 months-5T, boys 6-7). If you get the boots, shorts, a tie, and one of the shirts from this list it will cost you about $37.40 without discounts.

C: Just One You™ Made by Carter’s® Boys’ 3-Piece Top and Bottom Set ($20, Newborn-24 months). Yet another adorable set for a great deal. Babies in ties? It’s enough to make you melt. Your baby or toddler will look undeniably dapper and totally adorable in this button down onsie with bow tie and dress pant combo.

Posted on 03/13/2015

4 Magical Girls’ Dresses For The Release of Cinderella

Big Kid/ Birthing/ Family/ Kiddo Style/ Preschooler/ Toddler

Cinderella hits theater today, and many little girls are taking their parents to see it, so I thought it would be fun to put together a short collection of dresses for toddlers and big kids to wear to today’s big film. Dress up clothes are fun (if your kiddo will wear them, mine says they’re too scratchy), but I love to get my daughter princess inspired clothing so that she can wear it anywhere and it doesn’t always have a playtime only purpose. These four dresses are all from Target and under $30! Read more

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