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Posted on 08/13/2015

4 Secrets to Making Time to De-Stress Before You Combust

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Woman standing in front of fast moving train

Eutah Mizushima

De-stressing is often thought of as a luxury, not only because it’s associated with things like getting a massage or a day at the spa, but parents simply don’t have time alone to do it! This is a major problem of course, because parents need that de-stress (especially when it can’t be afforded) to effectively raise their children. If you’re having a bad day you’re not going to react in the same understanding manner you might if you weren’t stressed and feeling like you might explode. It’s only fair to the kids, and yourself to make the “me time” work. It isn’t an easy feat, by any means, whether you have a supportive partner, unsupportive partner or none at all, but you need to do it. Here are a few ways to make life a bit less chaotic stressful and a tad more sane. Read more

Posted on 05/14/2015

Download to Give: Todd Parr’s Latest Free E-Books For Parents Benefit Children

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Todd Parr — a Bay Area based children’s book author and illustrator best known for writing The I Love You Book — has partnered with The First Years to release a set of free e-books just for parents that benefit two very special nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping children ages 0-12. We’re Pregnant, a witty look at the experience of pregnancy, is currently available for download, here. With each free download of We’re Pregnant, The First Years is donating $1 to Project Night Night — A San Francisco-based nonprofit that provides over 25,000 nighttime care packages to homeless children throughout the U.S. every year. The second book in this exclusive series — We’re Parents — releases June 8, and will benefit Cradles to Crayons, a nonprofit providing basic essentials to little ones in Boston and Philadelphia. Read more

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Posted on 01/02/2015

Yoga Poses For Your Back (Part 2)

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If you’re like most parents, you’re looking for some simple yet effective ways to be healthier in 2015. In Part 1 of this series, some great forward folds for the low back were discussed, and that’s a great place to start. But some other healthy yet simple options are poses to release strain from the back. Keep reading for a few of my faves and look out for Part 3 of this series! Read more

Posted on 12/03/2014

Top Yoga Poses For Your Back (Part 1)

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Whether you’re breaking your back to get all of the holiday decorations up or straining every part of your body with constant car seat lifting, kiddo carrying, nursing, and stroller pushing . . . being a mom (or parent, period) can take its tole on your body, especially the low back. Because your low back is so extremely important to your body as a whole (yep, you feel it in the spine and pelvis for sure) I’m sharing my top poses for low back pain. Keep reading for some great forward folds in part one of this three-part series. Read more

Posted on 11/19/2014

4 Reasons California Moms Love Winter

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Credit:  Scooter Lowrimore via Flickr Creative Commons

Credit: Scooter Lowrimore via Flickr Creative Commons

Once Winter hits the complaints usually start to roll in about how cold it is or how the kids are driving mom nuts because they’re wired but can’t run around outside to get out their energy so this post is all about the things moms (in California) love about Winter. Remember, there’s always a plus side!

1. Sweaters

Not only are sweaters warm and comfy, but wearing a sweater means that you don’t have to rush to shave in the shower. Yes, winter is an excuse to not shave . . . and it’s glorious.

2. Boots

These boots are made for walking . . . and splashing in puddles with the kids. Who doesn’t love wearing boots when it’s cold out? Oooh, especially if they’re boots to go wear in the snow. Chances are that if you live in a snowy Winterland you’re probably a bit perplexed about a California mom’s excitement when she visits the snow, but it’s simply because it’s something to visit and not shovel every morning to leave the driveway in this scenario.

3. Rain

Not only does California desperately need the rain that is currently gracing us with it’s presence, but there’s nothing like cuddling up in bed with the kiddos and listening to the rain while you read a bedtime story or drink some hot chocolate and veg out. Rain and cold weather also means a ton of warm jackets, long pants and . . . no shaving! Bonus: Nor Cal moms get to enjoy lush green hills with little rainbows after the rainfall.

4. Dress Up

Summer clothes are cute, but Winter clothes are so much cuter on kids in California. It’s during Winter that a mom doesn’t have to choose between this or that and can put multiple layers and options on the kiddo because it’s cold enough to justify it!

Why do you love being a mom in Winter? Share a few of your favorite reasons and your state in the comments section below!


Posted on 10/20/2014

Savvy Mompreneur: Grainne Kelly

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Being a mom is a full-time job, which makes it especially difficult to start your own business at the same time. Savvy Mompreneurs are women who have embarked on this journey and are willing to share their ups, downs, tips, and hardships on the road to success. Grainne Kelly created BubbleBum because she needed a better solution for international travel with her kids. Now, her seats are available at retail stores throughout Europe and the United States. Keep reading for her story.

Courtesy of BubbleBum

Courtesy of BubbleBum


Q: Where did the idea of BubbleBum come from and what made you decide to create it as a product for everyone?

Grainne: As a mother of two, my primary goal was to offer travelers a safe way to transport their kids. I was frequently traveling between my native Ireland and England to visit a sick relative, and I always had to transport cumbersome fixed booster seats back and forth on the plane due to the lack of car booster seats available from car rental desks. I invented BubbleBum as an affordable, lightweight car booster seat that could travel easier than a child does.

Q: What was the first thing you did when you decided to create BubbleBum?

Grainne: The first thing I did was think of the best way to make the booster seat ultra lightweight and compact, so I chose inflatable. Then I called all of the testing laboratories across the world to discuss the new idea.

Q: Did you face any problems while trying to create BubbleBum?

Grainne: Yes. All of the testing laboratories told me that inflatable was not an option as the seat had to be crash tested in the worst case scenario, which is of course deflated. This was a great challenge for me, but I worked out that the seat could easily pass the crash testing if I used memory and air technology along with a harness apparatus. It meant many trips to China and encounters with many crooks along the way. I also met great resistance from the US market with the idea of a new technology. The solution was to move my family there so I could understand the market better and address any concerns before we launched. This would not have been possible without a husband who supported and believed in me every step of the way.

Grainne Kellly2Q: What would you say was the biggest hurtle for you as a mompreneur?

Grainne: Traveling all over the world was the biggest hurtle for me, because it meant spending time away from my family. To make it all easier, we had a strong focus on communication. I shared the ‘why‘ I was traveling and we all knew what our vision was as a family, so we could remind each other why mommy was away.

Q: Do you have advice for moms thinking about starting their own business?

Grainne: Make sure that you schedule everything that has to be done on a daily basis, including all work and family activities. This will help you feel a stronger sense of balance and keep you on-task. One more important piece of advice is to have a personal motto that keeps you motivated when everything seems hectic with family life and work. My own motto is: “Do whatever it takes for as long as it takes.” Repeat this motto to yourself to keep you determined and inspired.

Q: What’s your savvy trick/tip for creating something close to work/life balance?

Grainne: We have some house rules, such as: “No talking about work beyond the first stair.” We often sit upstairs in our sitting room with the kids, and if we want to talk about anything pertaining to work, we have to go back downstairs. Also, dinner time must be adhered to every night when I am home. No work over dinner and no phones permitted, as that is family time. When I am away, I also always call home at least once a day to see how everyone is doing.

Q: What’s your favorite tool for keeping organized?

Grainne: My iPhone is my favorite organizational tool, and I never leave home without it.

Q: Favorite app on your phone right now?

Grainne: I am an avid runner, so my favorite app is Run keeper. It shouts at me when I am not on target for my pace.

Q: Where did the BubbleBum seat colors come from, do you have a favorite?

Grainne: We asked 100 kids, 50 boys and 50 girls, to choose from some BubbleBum color options. Ninety-eight percent of the kids chose purple, so we started with that. We always ask the kids first.

Q: How were your kids involved in creating BubbleBum with you?

Grainne: My kids were 6 and 9 years old when we started talking about BubbleBum. They got all of their friends together in a focus group to help us decide where we should sell, what the BubbleBum messaging would be, and what the branding should look like. They also helped model the product, of course! Our kids are now 11 and 14, and still love sharing their ideas.

Q: How many prototypes did you have to go through before you found the right seat to call BubbleBum?

Grainne: We only needed two prototypes, but the product has evolved over time. We are still evolving and making changes based on customer feedback.

Q: What’s your favorite story as BubbleBum’s creator?

Grainne: I received a letter from a 9-year-old child who had brittle bones disease and couldn’t travel in her car seat, as it used to hurt her so much. She got a BubbleBum and said that she even used it to sit at the kitchen table, as it made her more comfortable. She wrote the letter in pencil and drew me a picture that melted my heart.

A special thank you to Grainne Kelly for being a part of this Q&A. Know a mompreneur Savvy Every Day should feature? Contact Savvy!

Posted on 08/10/2014

Celebrating World Breastfeeding Week: Live, Love, Latch!

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For years I’ve heard mention of World Breastfeeding Week, but didn’t really participate in any breastfeeding week functions. This year I learned that a local La Leche League group was holding a Live, Love, Latch! event with potluck, raffle, local vendors, and a chance to get your nursing photo taken by photographer Shauna Oritz. This event is being celebrated throughout the United States all this week (see if the event local to you hasn’t passed yet, here) as part of World Breastfeeding Week to provide a space for breastfeeding and non-breastfeeding family members alike to join together in support of breastfeeding. Coordinators try to create a strong network and beat the previous years’ records for number of supporters in attendance. Read more

Posted on 08/04/2014

Wrapscapes and Coffee Books: How One Mom’s Dream is Coming True

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Back in May, Savvy Every Day shared pictures from Bay Area artist, JoyLynn Wong‘s blog, Carried Away, where she shares a new wrap art scene every week or so, along with a list of all the wraps used to create the scene. Since then, JoyLynn has added several more wrapscapes (as she calls them) to her blog (see slideshow), and has embarked on an IndieGoGo campaign to preserve and share her wrapscapes via a coffee table book with visuals, nursery rhymes and short poems families everywhere can enjoy. These wrapscapes take the viewer on a journey as Joylynn’s little one ages from a nibbling three month-old to an animated 1-year-old, and the depth and array of the warpscapes also develops into more complex scenes.

So far, the Carried Away IndieGoGo Campaign has raised $3,000 toward JoyLynn’s $5,000 goal, but with just about 5 days left, she’s hoping the campaign ends much closer to the goal amount. Carried Away is offering a 5×7 postcard with JoyLynn’s favorite wrapscape for $10, a first-edition copy of the book for $20, and several other bundles all the way up to the big $500 option, which includes a wrapscene photo shoot with your own little one! Read more

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