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Posted on 12/03/2015

A Pre-Teen Movie-Themed Birthday Party

Family/ Home/ Parties/ Teen

Awhile back when I asked my oldest son, Aiden, what kind of party he wanted for his 12th birthday and he said he wanted to have a movie birthday party. He’s getting older (pre-teen, eek!) and I feel like his input counts more now when it comes to the actual party planning process. Together we picked out a lot of these the decoration and food. Read more

Posted on 03/09/2015

A Maleficent Themed 4th Birthday Party

DIY/ Home/ Parties

For my daughter’s 4th birthday I thought we’d skip the big party and have her just visit with a few school friends. But after planning Mom’s Night Out in January then helping a new mom and baby event with a few last-minute vendors in February, I forgot to plan for even that! On S’ birthday she asked me how planning for her party was going and I realized that I hadn’t planned anything at all. That day I sent out Evites for a party a few weeks out, and went about the day thinking a little get together at the park would be simple. Then S told me how excited she is for her evil queen birthday. Oh boy . . . I forgot she wanted a Maleficent party. So about a week before the big day I went into hyper-plan mode. I barely wrote and just fixated on possible last-minute ways to make this party unforgettable. Did it come out perfect? Nope! (See the crooked sign on the wall?) There were minor catastrophic moments like unpredictable weather leading to a change in venue from the park to my house the night before the party (which meant I had to put up birch tree decals, take everything out of my car, clean house, and set up in the living room the night before), but it was perfectly imperfect. Read more

Posted on 03/04/2015

Easy DIY Garland Crown (VIDEO)

Art Time/ DIY/ Home/ Parties

garland crownGarland crowns are popping up on shelves right now as the accessory for Spring, but at about $6 each, it’s cheaper to make your own. If you’re not super crafty (like me), or don’t want to buy the wire and fake flowers all separate to make a bunch of crowns, check out me easy way to make them in the video below (turn your volume up, sorry for the low audio).


This video is a part of the Making a Maleficent Party series and is in no way sponsored by any company.

Posted on 03/13/2014

Pirate Princess Birthday Party

Design/ Family/ Home/ Parties

My little one recently turned 3. While I’m saddened by how quickly the time has just flown by since her birth I’ve been grateful for every single moment I’ve gotten to spend with her, and jumped at the opportunity to throw her a party to celebrate. Read more

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