Posted on 09/25/2014

How 9 Films Are Making Women Think About Their Role Models

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IMG_0008Savvy Every Day was recently invited to attend LUNAFEST, a traveling film festival by, about and for women that’s showing films across North America in Support of charity. One hundred percent of of net proceeds from LUNAFEST go to charity, with 15 percent dedicated to the event’s main beneficiary, Breast Cancer Fund, and the rest given to the nonprofit chosen by each LUNAFEST host location. According to LUNAFEST, the event has raised $1.9 million dollars for more than 750 worthy causes since it started in 2000! I love the idea of women empowering women and girls through film, and sharing their game-changing stories. I especially like that the event is put on by LUNA Bar, a brand dedicated to women, and that these events give back to charity both locally and nationally so I really wanted to attend the event but I couldn’t find a sitter.

Since I couldn’t attend and share some of the great insider info from this empowering event, here’s a short video that speaks to the essence of the 9 films made for LUNAFEST this year:

But if you’re outside the SF Bay Area, you still have a chance to check out these films in person! LUNAFEST continues traveling across North America until June, and already has a great line up on the calendar visible until March.

This event had me thinking about the female game-changer in my life. I hope that I can be this person for my daughter one day, and that she encounters many positive influences. For me,  I realized that I had more than one female influence impact my life, but a few that really stand out: My sixth grade teacher, my mom and my grandma. This teacher believed in me enough to get me out of resource classes (for kids with learning disabilities) at my school. Instead of helping me, these classes were adding workload to my day and making me feel like a mental patient (this is after years of these classes, lab testing, OCD/ADD kid support groups, and telling my parents I wouldn’t take Ritalin anymore). I needed to get out and feel normal, which is what she helped me do. It was a lot of work on my part, I had to rethink how I approached things in my life (things as simple as keeping my room more minimalistic to avoid having to have stuffed animals and everything in a certain place, or not caring how my numbers were written on my homework were actually big steps for me) but it was worth it.

My grandma taught me about love. I adore listening to personal stories if told right, and she and my grandpa used to tell the best, most romanticized love story about how they met and became husband and wife. It was as simple as him meeting her at the hair salon where she worked and him returning to see her again and again before he finally got to go on a date with her, but it was my favorite story as a kid — it gave me hope and a foundation. Her lovely stories and upbeat but no-guff attitude really guided me in life and even though she’s been gone for over 8 years now, I will always think of her.

Then there’s my mom. Growing up (around first grade), my mom was either at home crafting something for the house or in nursing school (she decided to switch gears from her English degree). Because my parents were divorcing around the time she went to school, I’d sometimes go to nursing classes with her — I’d take notes and even acted like I was a student in the class by trying to answer questions from the instructor or make comments during group time. Though it may have been the most stressful time for her to go back to school, it was also great for me as a kid to experience a different classroom setting (I wasn’t doing well with elementary school and tests), and to see that my mom was working towards a goal, which made her a sort a game-changer. She taught me it’s OK to change your path in life, and that getting through things takes hard work.

Now it’s your turn! Think about the game-changers in your life and give them a “shout out” so to speak by commenting about who they are and how they really changed your life or perspective. Or, comment about how you plan to be a positive influence and game-changer in your child’s life. I’m really looking forward to the conversations!

Thank you to LUNA Bar for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me with real women’s stories at LUNAFEST.

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