Posted on 12/11/2013

Kringl App

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Having a hard time convincing the kids that Santa is real? There’s an app for that! Zulu Alpha Kilo Inc.‘s Kringl app allows you to select one of several Santa scenes to record with settings from your own home. Choose a scene, your setting, adjust the size and visibility of Santa to match your setting, then “record.” The result is a fantastic video you can then save to your camera or share on social networks. It’s a lot of fun for parents, and magical for kids.

Another reason I love this app? It’s free to download on Apple or android devices. Plus, Kringl allows users the option of donating to Make a Wish Foundation, making it an app that truly benefits children everywhere.

I just downloaded Kringl to try it out after learning about it on the Fast Company website, and I’m really glad I did. My little girl is going to be over the moon when I show her the videos I made, and I’m pretty excited about that. To read The Fast Company’s interview with Kringle’s creator, or how the app was created for creative charity and social change, click here.

Visit the Kringl app website to choose your platform download.

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