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Mama Style: Casual Fall in Green & Grey

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Don’t you just adore Fall? It’s time for colorful or fun themed umbrellas (depending on where you live), cozy sweaters and scarves, and just a hint of “the paparazzi are after me” in your look. A lot of people tend to lean toward grey and black when it’s Fall and Winter, so this Mama Style is about adding just a pop of color to your comfy look. All items are under $55 each so they aren’t too crazy, and you probably have a lot of this look in your wardrobe already! Check it out below!

Casual Fall
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Victoria’s Secret Drapey Swing Sweater in Heather Grey: It’s comfortable for bed or walking around, stylish and great for feeling hip while toting a kiddo around. Also, looks like it would be a great breastfeeding sweater! Tip: I’d add a white cami underneath. They’re like two for $10 at Costco, or two for $20 if you get the long sleeve undershirts for cool weather.

Super Skinny Low Jeans: Skinny jeans are my jam! Post-baby (and beyond) it feels like jeans are baggy in all the wrong places and tight in others, but skinny jeans give a snug and sexy fit that keeps everything together and a hip look.

H &M, $30 (Sale)

Chuck Taylor All Star Dainty Chambray: The beauty of these chucks is that they can go with everything! The very subtle textured design on them makes for a fun look, and they’re comfy, right? Gonna need some chucks to chase your toddler at Target before they take everything off the shelves.

Liz Claiborne Crossbody Purse in Leaf: It’s not everyone’s favorite, but I love this light, Irish hillside green shade. It gives this look just the right pop of color. The crossbody style purse is great for holding into things while carrying a baby, chasing a toddler, or keeping up with your older kids. It’s small, so a great first purse for when you get to travel light for the first time, but can still hold a diaper and few other things.

JC Penney, $25 on Sale

Light Weight Lime Scarf: This scarf is light and colorful — Perfect for Summer, Spring and Fall.

etsy, $17.50

Fashion Leaves Hair Accessories: These hair clips are a great way to style for the season and keep hair out of your face when there’s a bit of a breeze.


Camera iPhone 6 Snap Case: I simply love how this case looks like an old camera. It’s perfect for moms who are always taking pictures of their kids.

MLC Eyewear Trendy Retro Round Shades Round Sunglasses: These shades not only match the ensemble but rock the hot mom look.

Amazon, $17

W3LL People Expressionist Mascara: I’m currently testing this stuff out for a review and love it! Mascara usually makes my eyes itchy, but this one is all-natural and leaves my lashes dazzling plus itch-free.

Target, $24

HoneyBee Gardens Truly Natural Valentine Pink Lipstick: This light and fun shade with nourish your lips while adding some luscious color to compliment the black, grey and green of your outfit.

Lulus, $13

EOS Smooth Sphere Strawberry Sorbet Lip Balm: If you prefer your lips nude, be sure to bring some balm so they don’t dry out and chap from the weather change. This tasty balm is easy to put on and safe enough to share with the kids. (My daughter always takes my mint one because she likes the easy hold and flavor).

Amazon, $5

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