Breastpump & Baby Gear Rental



We offer local baby gear rentals so that you can try gear before you buy it or simply have something to use while on a trip! Each rental is a flat rate of $40 for up to a month. Please reach out to [email protected] to book after paying the non-refundable deposit at this link.


Rentals include:

  1. Linen ring sling
  2. Cotton ring sling
  3. Hemp ring sling
  4. Toddler Tula carrier
  5. Toddler Lillebabe carrier
  6. Changing pads
  7. Organic cloth diapers
  8. Teething baby kit with an assortment of teethers
  9. Breastpumps (manual, double electric, hands-free)
  10. Milk collector and Elvie Catch
  11. Bottles
  12. Swaddles and blankets
  13. Scooters
  14. Strollers and wagons
  15. Baby development toys
  16. And more!



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