Ask Me Anything Consult


Whether you need help planning a baby shower, postpartum prep, lactation, babywearing, or any parenting concern, book this coaching call for help!


Book me for 30 minutes to chat about anything you may need help with related to pregnancy, birth, postpartum, or family!
During this 30-minute consult, I use my experience as a mom of 5 with oral ties and PMAD experience as well as training in infant massage, postpartum, lactation, baby sleep & well-being, and craniosacral therapy combined with my 10+ years as an event planner, content creator, and photographer to help you.
Utilize this time to get help with:
  • Baby shower planning
  • Baby registry creation
  • Finding resources
  • Postpartum planning ideas
  • Someone to listen
  • Marketing, outreach, web design, service offers or any kind of pick-my-brain consult for businesses that work with families.

*Price is per 30-minute session.


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