Posted on 04/10/2014

Review: Beech-Nut’s New Natural Baby Food

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The first time she cried, it tore your heart in two so that an entirely new heart dedicated to just loving and guiding her could form and grow. Since then, you’ve made sure that she eats what’s best for her — whether that’s mother’s milk, organic formula, or freshly pureed baby food. But we don’t all have time to puree our own fresh fruits and veggies all the time (or the money for a baby food delivery service), so it’s nice to know that some of the best baby food options can still be available through pre-made baby food sold at local stores. Beech-Nut recently reinvented their baby food processes to create a more natural, closer to homemade line of baby food moms can trust.


I was sent an adorable little box with four Beech-Nut natural baby food jars to taste test for this review, and some great information about the new way they’re making their baby food. Remember the tiny little baby food jars Beech-Nut food used to come in? Now, the BPA-free glass jars are larger with a cleaner, more appealing look. I am just looking at these and imagining all the beautiful crafts I could create from these baby food jars (the shape would make for a really pretty homemade overhead light fixture!) But what’s more important is what is (or isn’t) inside these jars! To ensure that Beech-Nut is as close as possible to what moms may puree in the kitchen, no preservatives or excess water is added, and the nutrients aren’t cooked away. Beech-Nut collects the best produce closest to their LEED certified plant in New York, blends it while cold, then uses a gentle indirect heat (like a double boiler) to cook the puree without losing its’ natural nutrients, color, and aroma. Because each fruit and veggie is different, Beech-Nut cooks these purees for a different length of time, so that you know your green beans aren’t over-cooked (or under-cooked).

I love that there aren’t any preservatives in this baby food, and that since there are flavors like Just Honeycrisp Apple, even kids as old as my daughter (or myself) can still enjoy some of these pureed fruits and veggies (plus they’re perfect travel snacks). How does a pre-packaged baby food company avoid using preservatives? They use a process called deaeration, where the excess air is taken out to maintain freshness. My daughter and I tried the Honeycrisp Apple puree, and it truly is real food. It tasted just like an apple without anything else added. The puree was smooth (not gritty), and exactly how it should be. I also got to test Just Carrots and a few combo purees (Beets, Pear, and Pomegranate and Just Spinach, zucchini, and Peas).

The new and improved Beech-Nut baby food appears in 40 flavors on shelves this Spring, with the suggested retail price of $1.09 per 4.25oz bottle. Some notable flavors include: Just Beets, Pear, and Pomegranate, Just Sugarsnap Peas, Just Mango, Kiwi, and Papaya, Just Honeycrisp Apple, Just Mango, Apple, and Avocado, and Just Apple and Aronia Berry.

Savvy Every Day was sent the products and package for this review, no monetary compensation was given. All opinions are mine alone.

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