Posted on 02/27/2015

Savvy Highlights: Disney On Ice Let’s Celebrate

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For about 2 years now, I’ve been taking my daughter to see two Disney on Ice performances a year. After a bit the performances seem to have a lot in common and I get a bit bored with the same stories (but my daughter LOVES them). I prefer add-ons to the Disney tales instead of recaps of the movies, so when I arrived for Let’s Celebrate, the latest show here in Northern California, I was excited for something a bit different . . . and I wasn’t disappointed! Here are some of my favorite highlights form one parent who has seen one too many of these shows to another.

party table

Jack Takes Over the Stage

pumpkin king

Then He Invites Disney’s Villains to the Stage


Mickey Almost Eats a Poisoned Apple


Goofy Appears Out of a Fireplace, Like Santa


Jasmine is Finally in the Show


Princess Tiana Makes a Sparkling Appearance

princes and frog

Mickey Appears As Minnie’s Prince Charming


They Get Married (I Think)



Then Almost Kiss


The Finale is Fabulous


Did you see the show, what was your favorite part?


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