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Savvy Review: Creating With Kiwi Crate

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I’ve seen Kiwi Crate ads for years, but never really knew what the box was like except for the fact that it had crafts for kids to do and my daughter, S,  wasn’t old enough to do them. Until now, that is. She’s older and just about in the age bracket for the regular Kiwi box meant for ages 4-8 so Kiwi Crate sent me a box to try out. When the box arrived I had no idea what to expect, but I’m definitely happy with what was inside. I think my box was from August because it’s the Amusement Park box — complete with a silly squirter game craft and build your own bumper cars.


What You Get

  • A reusable box for projects or play
  • 2-3 projects
  • My Adventures With Kiwi Crate chart (if it’s your first box)
  • Chart sticker for current box
  • Kid-size scissors (if it’s your first box)
  • Explore! Magazine with a note from Kiwi, a story, educational activities,  extra project guides, parent resources, and recommended books related to the month’s topic

Why I Like It

  • Projects are simple but educational and fun
  • Everything needed is in the box
  • Keeps the research and guesswork out of coming up with crafty family projects
  • Encourages kids to use different parts of the brain, and fine tune motor skills
  • All supplies are either used for a project or are reusable/recyclable


The Full Review

Kiwi Crate includes a pair of child scissors and a My Adventures With Kiwi Crate chart as a little Welcome Kit for new subscribers so that your family has the tools needed, and you can add a sticker from each box to your chart to show the kiddo’s accomplishments. My box also included a preview ad for the current Time Traveler Series: September was Castles & Catapults, October is the Wild West and November will be all about Discovering Dinosaurs.

kiwicrate_bumpercuhandsMy crate came with everything my daughter would need to complete her activities (even the water squirter and balls for the squirter game), which is a huge plus for me. I didn’t need to get anything from the store or anywhere else in my house because everything was literally included in the box. The instructions in the pamphlets for each activity were super easy to follow and understand (definitely not IKEA furniture), too. Because the instructions have large, clear step by step illustrations showing what to do, even a child who can’t read yet would be able to follow along. But there are also short, simple written steps next to each illustration for early and experienced readers.

PicMonkey CollagekiwiS still needed my involvement to complete the projects because she’s 3, but the pamphlets let me know that ahead of time by rating the projects as Medium Parent Involvement Needed. The pamphlets also outline how the project might be benefiting your child’s growth. The squirter game lists Moving/Gross Motor Skills, Discovering and Creating, while the bumper car project highlights Creating, Discovering and Movement/Fine Motor Skills. I love the blend of education, science, creativity, and fun. Completing these projects really gave me and S focused time together, which is sadly rare. Since we worked on the projects at night it was too dark for her to play with her new toys outside(and not great lighting for my photos), so she tried out her new toys inside for a bit and was excited to play with them more outside the next day.


Depending on the Kiwi Crate subscription plan you go with, your box may be around $17, but they gave me a coupon code for 25 percent off your first month with free shipping and a Welcome Kit — just enter SE25 at checkout! There’s also a Give $10, Get $10 deal going on at the Kiwi Crate website right now that gets you a box for about $10 after tax. Each box comes with all the materials for 2-3 activities (which is awesome because I don’t like paying for a subscription then having to run to the store with my kiddo to get supplies), but it would be nice if the boxes ran around $13-$15 instead of $17-$19 since it’s a monthly subscription. Though there are Mini Crates available with just one activity that cost less, too. Kiwi Crate recently added Koala Crate (box for ages 3-4), Tinker Crate (ages 9-14+), and Doodle Crate (ages 9-16+) to their products and are accepting pre-orders. (I’m excited about Koala Crate and will be pre-ordering that this week.)kiwicrate_squirtingtarget


Kiwi Crate sent Savvy Every Day a Kiwi Crate box for this review. This post is not sponsored by Kiwi Crate, there are no affiliate/referral links and all opinions are that of the writer.

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