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Savvy Review: Disney Junior Live On Tour: Pirate & Princess Adventure

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pirateprincess2From Doc McStuffins to Jake and Sofia, the Disney Junior Live On Tour: Pirate & Princess Adventure is packed with entertainment. If you’ve been to Disneyland, you’ve likely seen a Disney Junior Live performance, the group also had a tour for the Power of Doing Good traveling across country earlier in the year with free shows at local venues. But this performance is the first to have real people dressed as the characters rather than dressed in giant character costumes, or using puppets made to look like the characters. The adventure was definitely unique, and this post will tell you all about it. Keep reading for tips before you go to the show.


Similar to Disney on Ice, the show is introduced by Mickey and Minnie Mouse, then brings you into the world of the first story: Sofia the First. This performance tells the story of Sofia’s first time in the castle with music, dancing, singing, and viewer participation. Cinderella makes an appearance when Sofia’s amulet calls her for help to show Sofia what’s most important when choosing a gift. There’s an intermission after Sofia’s story, then Mickey and Minnie introduce Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Jake and his crew need the audience’s help to find a volcano filled with treasure. Hook captures Jake and tries to steal the treasure for himself, but only a true pirate can get the treasure. With the help of Peter Pan, Jake escapes and makes it to the treasure, but when he sees that the tick-tock crocodile is after Hook, Jake saves the day first since it’s the right thing to do. Once Jake reaches the treasure volcano it¬†erupts with gold coins that shower the audience. There’s a special Clinic with Doc McStuffins before the show, too, but I didn’t arrive to the show in time for that.

sofia collageGoodies

Though it may depend on the venue, the vendors for this show seem to be exactly the same as Disney on Ice. If you enjoy not too flavorful cotton candy, there’s a giant bag with a Sofia crown or Jake hat for $12. Thirsty? How about a $15 snow cone in one of the fine Disney collectors cups? You can also get your picture taken with either a cardboard cutout of Jake and his crew or Sofia (or both) for $15 per photo, and buy many other licensed collectors items such as the program, and light up wands and such. Conclusion: Feed your kids before you go, brings snacks, and agree to only buy maybe one thing. Basically refer to 6 Tips For Going to Disney on Ice.

princess pirate1Overall Review

Depending on your child they’ll either love the entire show or just part of it. My daughter watches both Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Sofia the First on Disney Junior so the whole show was entertaining for her. My nephew isn’t into Sofia so he told his mom that part of the show was putting him to sleep (until he saw the bubbles at the end of the story), but once Jake came on he was super attentive. All the kids left saying they had a great time, but not every kid loves every part of it. I think the cast was dressed well and played the parts nicely, though. There were times when some of the songs reminded me of an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba, and I felt like I was watching Disney Junior episodes I had heard my daughter playing on my phone dozens of times before, but it was still fun.

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