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Posted on 04/18/2017

6 Easy Ways to be Green All Year

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When my daughter recently came home with an Earth Day assignment to create art from trash we both had a pretty good laugh about it. You see, she’s already known as the person who won’t throw anything away in our house and loves to make little projects with everything she can get her hands on. I’m not a fan of the clutter, but I love watching her creativity. This had me thinking though, what are some other ways we can make Earth Day assignments a regular thing all year long, just like her little trash art projects? I came up with 5! Keep reading for easy ways to be green all year long. Read more

reading about Martin Luther King Jr.
Posted on 01/05/2017

9 Books About Martin Luther King Jr. For Kids Under 7

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I remember hunting for an age-appropriate book about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to read to my daughter last year and coming up short. We were visiting family out of town and none of the stores had anything, even Target (my go-to store). We found a story time about Martin Luther King Jr. at the zoo, but the book was really meant for kids ages 7 and up, not the little ones trying to grasp what was being shared. So this year I looked up a few book options in advance. Keep reading for 9 book options that help introduce kids younger than 7 to who Martin Luther King Jr. was, why he’s celebrated, and why he’s still so important. Read more

mother and daughter making Thanksgiving apple pie together
Posted on 11/10/2016

5 Meaningful Ways to Spend Thanksgiving as a Family

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My family has always celebrated Thanksgiving as a time to come together and enjoy a meal — to be thankful for our time together and all that we have to eat (despite the holiday’s painful past). Though it’s also a family tradition for my mom, sister and I to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving that was never the focus of the holiday, but many stores seem to have shifted that direction. This shift has taken all the focus of the holiday from caring for others to buying things for Christmas. So in the spirit of actually celebrating Thanksgiving as a day of togetherness this year, here are some fun things you can do together as a family for Thanksgiving. Read more

grabbing a glass of a2 milk
Posted on 07/25/2016

The Back-to-School Solution For Families With Dairy Sensitivities

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I’m all about peanut butter and S is all about apples (no food allergies here) but with my dairy sensitivity it has made eating something as tasty as apple PB&Js not as fun. After all, S likes to dip her apples in milk and I really enjoy the refreshing taste of milk after a bite of my protein-packed PB&J with apple slices inside. Fortunately, I learned about a different kind of cow’s milk that isn’t genetically modified or altered in any way, but that doesn’t give either of us tummy troubles either — the perfect milk for our after-school snacking in a few weeks!
Read more

Posted on 07/29/2015

3 Things Teens Should Learn From Korean Dramas Before They Date

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Dating isn’t what it used to be. I don’t think “dating” is even a thing anymore! There’s something like “hanging out,” “in talks,” “seeing each other,” “open relationship”  . . . . the list of names for people getting physical together without actually investing in one another emotionally or faithfully can go on. But not in Korean dramas! My sister is totally into anime and started watching Korean dramas years ago, then got me watching a few with her (Hello, Coffee Prince!). I enjoy binge watching a good show now and again and found myself hooked. If you’ve never seen a K Drama (as it’s sometimes called), then this list is for you just as much as the teen in your life. Despite the fact that people can move and somehow fit everything they owned from their massive house in a single tiny suitcase on these shows, there’s a bit to be learned from Korean dramas and I’m covering just a few here. Read more

Posted on 07/13/2015

Nonprofit Spotlight: Project Night Night

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Project Night Night 2up

Early on, Mom Kendra Stitt Robins learned that her son couldn’t go to sleep without his favorite blanket. This made the then corporate lawyer think about families that leave home for a shelter, like in domestic violence situations where they barely make it out and don’t get to bring anything, and how something as simple as the comfort of a blanket could help ease the situation just a bit for the child. Kendra left her job and founded the San Francisco-based nonprofit, Project Night Night, which serves children ages 0-12 in shelters nationwide. With the help of 10,000 volunteers, Project Night Night has gotten Night Night Packages (a reusable canvas bag filled with a new blanket, book and toy to serve children’s environmental, educational and emotional needs) to 25,000 children. I interviewed Kendra and asked some important parent-to-nonprofit operation questions. Read more

Posted on 05/26/2015

Nonprofit Spotlight: Alex’s Lemonade Stand

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lemonade collageAt just 1-year-old, Alex Scott was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a type of childhood cancer. Though the family was told that Alex may not walk, even if she beat the cancer, she kicked her leg just a few weeks later, and within the year began to crawl and pull herself up with leg braces in an effort to walk while beating the cancer. Shortly after that the cancer came back and Alex underwent a stem cell transplant, which is when the idea for the first ever lemonade stand came about. She told her mom, Liz, that when she gets out of the hospital she wants to have a lemonade stand to help the doctors at her hospital help other kids like her. Read more

Posted on 05/19/2015

How Getting a Better Night’s Sleep Can Save a Million Newborns

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baby for baby

For every Little Lotus product purchased, an Embrace Warmer will be given to an infant in need.

Back in 2002 Stanford grad school students Jane Chen and Rahul Panicker were asked to develop an infant warmer at 1 percent of the cost of a $20,000 incubator. Using NASA technology, the two developed an infant warmer they named the Embrace warmer, which requires limited electricity to warm a wax unit that then keeps an infant warm for up to 8 hours. Jane and Rahul founded Embrace, a nonprofit with the goal of using this tech to save lives. In just the last 5 years, Embrace has helped save 150,000 infants across 10 countries who otherwise wouldn’t have survived due to the lack of funds or resources for incubators (check out some of their stories, here). Read more

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