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Speck Review: DuraFolio and ShowFolio

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Speck recently released the DuraFolio ($60) and ShowFolio ($70). I attended an unveiling event, where I got to check them out at the Speck Store in Palo Alto, then take them for a test drive at home. As a parent, I really like these products for different reasons, and can justify owning both — one for travel, and one for home.


The ShowFolio is lightweight, and a really fun case because it’s so slim but still protects your tablet from harm with Speck’s Military Grade Protection. The back has plastic hooks that snap in or pop out for easy use. These are great for entertaining the kids on long car rides, or distracting a little one who just doesn’t want you to be able to do some shopping. I tried out this case in my car, and though I couldn’t get both hooks in on the headrest of my Jetta, my tablet was securely in place with just the one (and I’m sure I could get both on if I went around to the other side of the car since my daughter’s rear facing car seat was in the way).

After the car ride, we went to the store and used the case on the shopping cart. I’m not sure if they created the case for this, but it worked out pretty well here too. (You would just need to let the cover hang down.) The hooks can also come in handy for holding the back of your tablet while talking to someone. If you place your fingers through a hook while gripping the back it gives you more hold since the back is a smooth plastic.

For viewing your tablet on a table, you can either leave the hooks out for the tablet to use as a backrest, or fold them in and use the case’s cover as a rest. The ShowFolio has a Shift cover, so if you get bored with one color you can change it to any other color Speck has available. I can see this becoming a sort of obsession for some tablet owners as personalization is fun and addicting. Plus, if you’re kid were to *accidentally* write in sharpie all over it, you could just move on to a new cover without getting a whole new case. I like that! The ShowFolio is made for the iPad mini and iPad mini with retina display.

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The DuraFolio’s material allows for a great grip, in fact it almost feels like holding a basketball. It’s backed with Speck’s Long Live Promise, and made to Military Grade Protection standards. Like the ShowFolio, this latest case has multiple capabilities. Its’ unique design allows it to fold as far out or in as you would like, or to simply rest on the entire cover at a lower level if you prefer. The slideshow below shows some of the tablet positions the DuraFolio supports, but I counted 12 in total.

One of my favorite things about this case is that it does what I need it to do. I’ve used folio cases that are supposed to double as a stand in the past that  just fall over or close up easily while you’re trying to watch something. The DuraFolio stays in position unless you physically knock it over. I also feel confidant having my daughter hold it. Though Speck makes the iGuy iPad holders for kids, since she’s older and able to grip onto this one fine it works out. She actually dropped the iPad mini while it was in the case and all was OK! DuraFolio is made for the iPad mini, iPad Air, and iPad mini with retina display.

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*Speck provided me with a DuraFolio and ShowFolio for this review. I was not paid, and the opinions stated are my own.

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