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Daddy Style collage for black & grey fashion
Posted on 01/18/2016

Daddy Style: Black & Grey

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Who says moms should have all the fun? Dads spend time with the kiddos too, and so often change up their style a bit. The Daddy Style series is all about maintaining a hip style while being a prepared and engaged parent. Today’s black and grey color pairing allows for a diaper bag guys would totally be OK with toting around, a hip shirt with dad messaging, some headphones for quiet tablet time (sometimes the kids just want it to be a bit too loud and sometimes you want to watch your own thing), and an adorable swaddle set that can serve as a snot rag, blankie or doll cover as the kiddo gets older. I think the “My kid has an awesome dad” shirt says it all. (The following may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a few cents if you buy items.) Read more

Posted on 10/07/2014

Men Do Babywear: 6 Dads Share Their Journey

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No mom can resist a babywearing dad — it’s true — moms love when dads make the effort to babywear and be actively a part of their kiddo’s life. It makes us all mooshy, really. So if you’re hesitant about wearing the baby in your family, don’t be. Not only are there so many more babywearing dads than you may imagine, but these dads are building strong relationships with their newborns, little ones, and even big kids by carrying them close (not to mention the bonus points they’re getting from their partner). Six moms from around the world sent in photos of the babywearing dads in their life, along with a little bit about what they have to say of their man’s babywearing journey, and what he thinks about babywearing. This is a tribute to dads who babywear, and to encourage more men to try it out. These 6 men prove that there isn’t a “type” for a babywearing dad — they may not have a lot in common and live in very different places but all of these men babywear and love it! Read more

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