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Family looking at Fire Kids Tablet
Posted on 08/29/2017

3 Reasons I Gave My First Grader Her Own Amazon HD 8 Fire Kids Edition Tablet

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A big thank you to Amazon for sponsoring this conversation. All opinions are mine alone.

Kids and tech can be a touchy subject for a lot of parents. I didn’t allow my daughter, S, to watch shows/have screen time until she was about 2-years-old. But let me tell you, it’s been a huge part of our lives since then. So much so, that now that she’s a big first grader, she has a special new tablet of her own and I wish I’d gotten it for her sooner. You’re not going to believe the reasons why. Read more

adjusting thermostat closeup
Posted on 04/25/2017

3 Ways to Make Your Home Smarter

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It’s one of those things that you don’t know you need so badly until you have it — a smart home. A fridge that texts you a grocery list or house that talks to you might be a bit extreme for the everyday family, but there are ways to have a smart, helpful home that isn’t only practical but more affordable. Keep reading for 3 ways to make your home smarter! Read more

Posted on 02/24/2016

This Router Helps Parents Set Digital Boundaries at Home

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When my daughter was 1 I didn’t let her sit and watch TV. I was extremely active in taking her outside to explore the world, and playing with her age-appropriate toys with her. But when she turned 2 I slowly allowed educational programming until by the time she was 3 and 4 she was hooked on watching shows on my phone. A lot of it had to do with the shift in her age, but also my having to work on the computer more and so allowing her to continue watching longer. It’s bothered me for some time, but I wasn’t sure how to balance my workload and also not be the bad guy who tells her she’s done with electronic devices for the night (sometimes I have to be sensitive in how I give her information). I was sent the KoalaSafe Box ($99, Amazon) for this review— A wireless router that allows you to set time limits and other parental controls on specific devices while in-home — and I knew this is exactly what I was looking for. Read more

Activity app
Posted on 01/23/2016

The Must-Get Activity Tracker Moms Need to Snag

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When you’re breastfeeding there’s a natural system in place to help you lose the baby weight, but remembering to stay active during your day gets harder each day. Remembering when it’s time to feed the baby (bottle or breastmilk), take a pill or get up and play outside with the kiddo can get lost in the shuffle of a hectic day, too. Sometimes when the kiddo finally falls asleep it’s on your arm and you know you can’t move an inch or nap time is all done so you get in the habit of vegging out. After getting through the toddler and baby years it wasn’t until my kiddo was 4 that I realized I had waited too long to make active, healthy living a party of my day, too. I found the LEAF by Bellabeat online and reached out to them about testing it out. I’m so glad I did. I’ve watched as friends and family bought other activity trackers and none of them really felt like a fit for me until this one. Read more

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