11 Awesome Perks of



There are quite a few perks of parenting and let me tell you, they make this whole chaotic parenting ordeal more than worth it!

11 Perks of Parenting

1. Kids Meals For Dinner Forget the expensive dinners and order a kids meal for yourself and kids!

2. Free Excuse Passes “What’s that? Oh...sorry, my little one naps at that time. That just won’t work. Sorry!”

3. No One Thinks Twice About Your Shopping Addiction Even if you’re not really a shopper, per se, after you have kids it’s like there’s a chip put in that makes you one.

4. You Can Enjoy Cartoons Again If you ever stopped watching kids’ shows (and missed them), you now get to sit and watch them all you want.

5. A Generous Plus One Having a little one is a huge perk on occasions when a store or restaurant is giving out something and it’s one item per person.

6. You Can Be All Kinds of Silly Using a pretend accent or wearing crazy clothes can be totally OK when you have kids because it’s for the kids.

7. Built-In Confidence It’s different for everyone, but after having my daughter I am more confident about going on adventures and trips “alone” since I’m with her.

8. Carpool I wonder if the people who came up with the idea of carpool lanes meant to write “two adults or more per car,” for those traveling to work but wrote “persons” instead on accident.

9. You’re Always Prepared Be sure you restock the outfits in your car, rotate them for the seasons, and check to be sure they still fit you and your child.

10. No-Shame Playtime Now that you have a kid, you are free to play at the park with your little one as much as you want.

11. Early Boarding on Flights Priority boarding for families is so amazing!

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