How to Baby Proof

Christmas Decorations

Baby proofing your Christmas decor is easier than you think! Stick to this rule: less is more!

How to Baby Proof Your Christmas Decor


1. Try a Different Christmas Tree

We opted for an artificial tree this year to save from the fallen pine mess and possible hazard.

There are even Upside Down Christmas Trees, that could work so you can easily baby proof your Christmas decor.

2. Keep the Tree Simple

My best tip for baby proof Christmas decorating: look for shatter-resistant ornaments or skip ornaments altogether the first year.

3. Include Your Little One

Be sure to include your little one in the decorating process so that they understand the ornaments go on the tree and talk to them a little bit about why they go there.

Depending on their age it might not all sink in, but they’re listening.

I hope these tips for baby proof Christmas decorating help you this holiday season!

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