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Saving money on gas and groceries in 2022 is a hot topic and these are the best money saving apps I have found that actually save us money!

Best Money Saving Apps: 1. Cartwheel 2. Just 4 U 3. ibotta 4. Checkout51 5. Shopkick 6. Gasbuddy

Awesome Money Saving Apps

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1. Cartwheel Cartwheel is a savings app for Target stores that includes a list of store items you can either get a percentage or dollar amount off on.

2. Just For U Before heading to Safeway, simply look through the money saving app for your store’s weekly specials and coupons to add them to your card.

3. ibotta This money saving app uses rebates to help save you money on groceries. Search the app for the stores you shop in, then scroll through the rebate offers.

4. Checkout 51 Similar to ibotta, it’s a money saving app that gives you rebates for what you purchase with valid receipts.

5. Shopkick This app lets you earn “Kicks” or points for every purchase you make in certain stores if you link your card and you turn those kicks in for gift cards.

6. GasBuddy This app allows you to look at either the closest gas station (with prices and directions) or view gas stations based on price within a certain radius.

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