New Family Tradition Ideas for Thanksgiving

to Try Out!

Family Thanksgiving bonding activities include: – starting a friendsgiving tradition – donating your time and dinner – having a simple family meal together – making new traditions – getting everyone into the kitchen

Thanksgiving Bonding Ideas for Families


1. Start a Friendsgiving Tradition as the First Bonding Activity

I highly recommend creating a Friendsgiving if your extended family is far away or busy and your own little family would like to share the day with others.

2. Donate Your Time and Dinner Together

Make this a family activity by signing everyone one up to help at a local shelter ahead of time.

Or enjoy a family cooked meal at home where you make double batches and deliver them to the homeless.

3. Have a Simple Family Meal Together to Bond as a Family This Thanksgiving

Take time to just sit and eat with your family. You don't need to cook up an extravagant menu to spend time with those you love. Turn off the TV and all phones to just connect.

It's easy to get wrapped up in the mundane day-to-day frustrations, so if it takes slicing a turkey and heating up some fresh apple pie so be it!

4. Make New Traditions as a Family for Thanksgiving

Make a family tradition to see a morning parade, play a game of football, make sandwiches for the homeless, or play board games all day.

Be sure there's at least one activity everyone can agree on and add some more every year.

5. Get Everyone in the Kitchen to Bond This Thanksgiving

Cooking for holidays is stressful! Make it a family affair so that everyone is excited about and appreciates dinner once it's ready.

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