Popular Misconceptions

About Babywearing


People have a lot of opinions about babywearing, but if there's one thing I need to speak up about it's the truth about babywearing.

The truth is babywearing is a wonderful way to connect with your baby and offers many benefits, while many of the misconceptions about babywearing might say otherwise.

Some of the benefits of babywearing include: – it can help prevent flat head syndrome – can help stabilize your baby's heart rate and body temperature – it is good for your baby's hips – offers freedom and convenience for mom – can make breastfeeding in public easier

5 Misconceptions About Babywearing


1. Babywearing is Only For Babies False! Whether your baby was just born or is 5 years old, wearing your child is handy (just in different ways).

2. You're Going to Drop Your Baby As long as you're using the product properly, as it is meant to be used, and remain cautious and alert (as you should at all times with your little one anyway), it's safe.

3. Babywearing is Only For Rich White Women Babywearing is for everyone and helps families to hold their littles close whiles still being able to get some things done.

4. Men Don't Babywear Thanks to babywearing, dads are able to be more actively involved in the lives of their older babies and toddlers, too!

5. You're Spoiling Your Child Being worn in a baby or toddler carrier calms kiddos and gives a sense of security, it doesn't make them dependent.

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