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Breastfeeding Essentials

Try these 5 new top rated breastfeeding products from mom-owned this fall (ASAP), you’ll be glad you did.

Five Awesome New Breastfeeding Products


1. Shellies Breastfeeding Seashells

Use the healing properties of your breastmilk and the cooling touch of Shellies Breastfeeding Shells to soothe sore nipples discreetly throughout the day.

They’re also a great barrier between sore nipples and breastfeeding pads or bras which is why they made this list of top rated breastfeeding products.

2. Junobie Milk Bags for Breast Milk

Junobie bags are freezer safe, easy to close and write on, and come in a bunch of fun colors.

Plus, they can be used as toddler snack bags!

3. Stylish Nursing Bra

Mama-owned Oh La Lari is on a mission to empower mothers to feel beautiful in their post-birth bodies.

Their pretty bralettes are comfortable, flattering, and easy to nurse in.

4. Mama’s Milk Wrap Nustle for Breastfeeding Relief

Nustle covers your whole chest to provide a large area of hands-free relief.

You can even warm this breastfeeding must have up, put it on, and use the two slot openings to have a soothing hands-free pump session!

5. Nunona Breastfeeding Treats

The mom who created Nunona wanted to ditch the synthetic supplements and nourish her body (and baby) using whole foods instead.

Each kit comes with 28 bite-sized energy balls divided by daily packs of four balls each.

These packs ensure that breastfeeding moms remember to eat a nutritious snack while on-the-go.

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