Tips for Potty Training

Toddler Boys

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When it comes to potty training boys, my number one tip is to wait until they are ready to potty train to avoid a whole lot of problems.

There are five key tips when learning how to potty train boys and they include: 1. waiting for signs of readiness 2. teaching him new tricks 3. following his cues 4. making it exciting 5. helping him stay on track

Tips for Potty Training Toddler Boys

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1. Wait For Signs of Readiness Potty training boys should never be forced to always watch for signs of readiness.

2. Teach Him New Tricks Buy books and videos about potty training. Buy a small child-sized potty for him to sit on while you go!

3. Follow His Cues Watch for any cues he may have that signal he’s about to go potty in his Pull-Up, and take him to the bathroom.

4. Make it Exciting Use small gifts as a reward or use a potty chart or potty app on your phone.

5. Help Him Stay On Track Watch what kind of clothes you put your son in and make sure to pay attention to where bathrooms are when out and about!

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