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Hospital Bag Checklist

Today I am sharing what hospital bag items you'll actually use when you give birth, all of which are actually useful and that you will be thankful that you brought along!

10 Hospital Bag Must Haves


1. Soothing Kit Something like Earth Mama's Mama & Baby Collection kits offers things like a healing sitz bath, baby cleanser, perineal balm, and more.

2. The Hospital Bag Itself

3. Music I highly recommend Hypnobabies tracks.

4. Push Dress Instead of wearing an uncomfortable hospital gown, I wanted to wear something of my own while delivering so I bought a Pretty Pusher birthing gown.

5. Baby Outfits I would suggest bringing 2-3 outfits in different sizes!

6. Personal Care Items I would suggest shower items and a hairbrush with hair tie.

7. Clothes For Discharge

8.  The Birth Ball I was on The Birth Ball most of the time and everything went very smoothly with it.

9. Birth Plan While you might not use it, it is helpful to have on hand!

10. Slippers I recommend something with grip!

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