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Posted on 06/06/2019

12 Tips for Berry Picking at a You-Pick Farm

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Now that we’re officially in summer, the you-pick (or U-Pick) farms are open for the season! Some already have peaches, strawberries, and blueberries available, while others offer a variety of cherries and other fruits later in the season. Though every farm has its own rules, there are some universal tips for taking the family out for a day of fruit picking. Before you head out for a basket of berries, keep reading. Read more

reading about Martin Luther King Jr.
Posted on 01/05/2017

9 Books About Martin Luther King Jr. For Kids Under 7

Holidays/ Pre-K/ Tot

I remember hunting for an age-appropriate book about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to read to my daughter last year and coming up short. We were visiting family out of town and none of the stores had anything, even Target (my go-to store). We found a story time about Martin Luther King Jr. at the zoo, but the book was really meant for kids ages 7 and up, not the little ones trying to grasp what was being shared. So this year I looked up a few book options in advance. Keep reading for 9 book options that help introduce kids younger than 7 to who Martin Luther King Jr. was, why he’s celebrated, and why he’s still so important. Read more

Posted on 12/19/2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Kids Activity Pack

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2014 Lucasfilm Ltd. TM. All Right Reserved.

2014 Lucasfilm Ltd. TM. All Right Reserved.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens set a new all-time record with a 5-day international debut of $517 million globally! Keep the fun going with this action-filled activity pack. From coloring sheets to memory games it’s sure to get the family ready for seeing the new movie (or keep them entertained once it’s over and they’re not quite ready to leave the Jedi life yet). Click on the giant Activity Pack image below for the activity pack PDF download then click on the movie’s poster for a full-size download of the poster! May The Force be with you. Read more

Collage of three kids Christmas PJs
Posted on 12/14/2015

This Christmas’ Cutest Kids PJs

Big Kid/ Home Page/ Pre-K/ Tot

Christmas PJ collage with three optionsWhether your family enjoys waking up and spending entire days in jammies during holiday vacation or follows a Christmas Eve kids PJ gift giving tradition like my family, pajamas are sort of a MUST during the holidays. So why not get in the “holiday spirit” with festive PJs? From whales wearing Winter scarves and Santa hats to Christmas lights and even Star Wars pajamas, this post has all the cutest jam jams for kids in one spot. They’re adorable! Enjoy the scroll through and click on your favorite PJs in the pics below for more info. Read more

Posted on 12/10/2015

9 Christmas PJs For Your Little Star Wars Fan

Big Kid/ Home Page/ Pre-K/ Tot

Have a major Star Wars fan in the family? Check out some of these classy, yet fan-worthy Star Wars pajamas that are sure to brighten your kiddo’s day. Whether Santa brings them on Christmas Eve, or the kiddo simply needs a new pair of PJs they’ll actually wear, this list of cute nighttime wear is sure to be a hit! Read more

Posted on 11/27/2015

The Kiddo Gift Guide

Big Kid/ Home Page/ Pre-K/ Tot

kids gift guide

Not sure what to get the kids, or grandkids? It can be tough when they want everything in every single commercial on TV. Here’s a simple list of items that could be great for ages 3 and up to get you started! Read more

Inside Out Scrapbook Download button picture
Posted on 11/09/2015

Inside Out Activity Downloads for After School Playdates

Big Kid/ Home Page/ Pre-K/ Tot

It isn’t always easy figuring out ways to entertain the kiddos on a rainy day after school — especially if they have a friend over — but these free Inside Out downloads are sure to have you set. From the recipes for themed snacks to activity and coloring sheets, there’s enough fun to keep the kids busy for a few hours, or even to plan an Inside Out themed family night or birthday party! Click on the images in each download section to be directed to a PDF you can save to your computer. Read more

Collage of coats for Fall and Winter
Posted on 11/07/2015

Toasty Kids Coats For Fall & Winter

Big Kid/ Home Page/ Pre-K/ Tot

It’s already Fall and Winter is coming soon, so it’s time to think about kids coats and jackets! With families traveling for Thanksgiving and Christmas (and taking annual trips to the snow) trying on last year’s coats and picking this year’s fave is essential. There are a ton of different types of coats/jackets out there, so your choice really depends on the weather in your area and your child’s preferences, but here are a few options to get you started! Read more

Posted on 10/30/2015

4 Ways Inside Out Surprised Me (And Activity Sheets)

Big Kid/ Home Page/ Pre-K/ Social Time

When Inside Out (Rated PG, 1 hour and 42 mins.) was released in June 2015 so many parents and kids were excited. The movie was touted as one of Pixar’s best films since UP was released in 2009 — Both addressed some very abstract but very real emotional changes in a person’s life. I never got to see the movie in theaters. I planned to take the kiddo but her dad took her instead and, well , I rarely get to see a movie in theaters these days. So I was pretty excited to get the Inside Out DVD/Blu Ray/Digital Download combo pack (available Nov. 3!) for review in the mail yesterday just as we were heading out for a little overnight trip to San Luis Obispo — Perfect timing! I added the digital code to my Disney Anywhere app, downloaded it and we were set for the car ride! Since the kiddo had a late nap in the car (I usually try to skip them for a decent bedtime) she was up until almost midnight meaning there was time for me to watch the movie with her at about 10 p.m. when we got back to the hotel for the night after a late swim in the pool. I have to say I was really surprised by this film! Keep reading for some semi-spoilers (if you haven’t seen it) and free activity sheets for at-home fun! Read more

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