Navigating Nurturing Touch

The On-Demand Virtual Infant Massage & Communication Course

Build a connection with your baby while boosting brain development, easing gas pain, and promoting better sleep for the whole family.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You’re looking for activities to do
  • You want to bond with your baby.
  • You don’t know what to do with your baby when they’re awake.
  • You find yourself feeling distant and unsure of how to connect with your baby.
  • Your baby is gassy and uncomfortable and you want to know how to help.
  • Your baby has tension in the body from pregnancy, birth trauma, a fall, or oral ties.

This baby massage class saved my sanity many nights.

I learned techniques to help calm my baby down — especially when she is gassy. You even learn to ask your baby permission to touch them and they learn that no one can touch them unless asked. Shari has nothing but love and respect for her clients. To me, it’s a priceless gift you give your child. I had serious postpartum depression and trouble bonding with my child. This helped me through that and I am forever thankful. This was my 3rd baby and I didn’t have it with the others so the feelings were new to me and I didn’t know or understand why I couldn’t bond with my child. I used her techniques to help me bond and bring joy back to my life.

lisa cabano
Mom of 3

Imagine how it would feel if …

  • Your family slept better
  • You could relive your baby’s gas pain
  • Had less anxiety & overwhelm
  • You felt joy in this season of parenthood
  • You knew what your baby wanted
  • You had a daily baby bonding activity

let me introduce…

Navigating Nurturing Touch

An Infant Massage & Communication Course

Build a connection with your baby while boosting brain development, easing gas pain, and promoting better sleep for the whole family.

  • You want ways to aid your baby’s development
  • You want to learn how to ease your baby’s discomfort
  • You Want to better understand your baby
  • You want to connect with your baby through bonding activities

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hey, friend!

I’m Shari, mom to 6, Certified Educator of Infant Massage (CEIM), Certified Breastfeeding Specialist, Postpartum Educator & Doula, family events & content creator, baby & mom Craniosacral Therapist, and Founder of Navigating Parenthood.

course modules



This is a quick get-to-know-you section of the course where you meet your instructor and learn about what to expect.



The FAQ covers common questions about infant massage such as the benefits of massage, what other parents have said about the course, and the different tools for infant massage that can be used as your baby gets older.



Learn all of the required best practices for infant massage before you start each session with your baby.


Feet & Legs

In this section of the course you’ll learn more than 8 different massages that target the legs and feet — an important area to massage for infant development as well as body tightness due to oral ties.


Hands & Arms

Learn ways to help your baby ease the tension held in their hands and arms, and to move on from early clenching reflexes.


Chest & Stomach

Easily every parents favorite part of the course, the chest and stomach section explores massage strokes designed to relieve gassy tummies and upset coughs.


Gentle Movements

Gentle Movements highlight the bulk of the yoga and reflexology taught in this online course. These are my personally favorites for baby playtime, gassy tummies, and integrating the left and right sides of your baby’s brain.



In the Face section of the course you’ll learn infant massage strokes that can ease the discomfort associated with teething and congestion.



Back massage strokes shown in this section of the course can be used for years to come as your baby gets older.


Your Growing Baby

In this bonus section of the course we quickly cover different ways to incorporate song and play into your infant massage time for your growing baby.

There’s More!


All course videos include captions so you can learn with or without sound.

Group Access

Connect with other students. Ask questions and share news!

Virtual Support

From one parent to another, I am here to support you with technical issues.

I’m ready to join!

Moms say…

Joelyna Butias says…

“Zeke and Gracie really enjoyed this bonding session during massage class.”

frequently asked questions

Log in at any time to access the course and work through the lessons on demand! After completing the Welcome, FAQ, and Foundations sections you can go in order for the strokes & movements or go out of order and at your own pace. You’ll also be enrolled in weekly emails for 5 weeks as you go through the program to offer assistance and help you dig deeper in each section along the way.

Your purchase gives you course access for 1 year.

Due to the digital nature of this program, we are unable to offer refunds.

Absolutely. Practice the massage techniques on a doll and then return to the course once your baby is born!

Reach out to [email protected] and I’ll get back to you ASAP.