We help families discover their innate ability to flourish through the ever-changing journey of parenthood.

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I’m a ND mom of 5 (many ND) kiddos with a passion for helping families transition through postpartum and into the early years of parenthood using evidenced-based, biologically normal practices (eco-friendly and positive attachment centered whenever possible). I’m a Growing Good & Tavvi Village expert with 10+ years in education, content & event creation, and support for families. My certs are LEC, CEIM, PD, CST (and growing).

I created Navigating Parenthood to save families from learning about important information “too late. ” Some of what you’ll learn from Navigating Parenthood is from my experience as a parent and an expert with the very same parenting obstacles that you may be navigating right now, others are created as I learn WITH you on my own ever-changing parenting journey. The Navigating Parenthood logo was created with the different family ecosystems and seasons of parenthood in mind — no single one is the same and so the letters in “parenthood” change color to represent that.


Postpartum in the ER

Savvy Every Day — a lifestyle site for parents — transformed into Navigating Parenthood in 2017 after Shari’s first natural birth experience. No one shared what to expect in postpartum with different birth experiences. Even the hospital staff needed all day to diagnose her issues as “normal postpartum.” Shari trained as a postpartum doula, CEIM, LEC, mother roaster, and CST in order to learn more about postpartum and share knowledge with families through courses, events, and services.

During this time, Shari learned about Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMAD) and was able to label what she had battled with alone (like many mothers) for over 6 years. She volunteered to help other moms experiencing PMAD. She learned about oral ties and how they affected her own dental health and what her own babies may need to prevent the same outcomes. She learned about birth trauma. About healing modalities. About sleep disorders. The list keeps growing and we’re so glad we can share this information with you.

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We Believe…


Every Family is unique

Every baby, child, and family ecosystem is unique, there is no “one size fits all” advice that is true. Babies are whole people, each with different needs.


POstpartum requires prep

Every postpartum requires preparation and support in place before you have your baby. Whether it is your first birth, 10th baby, a loss, a surrogacy, or adoption this is a new postpartum journey.


Education Empowers

We train in different modalities and bring in specialty experts to ensure we’re sharing from an educated space in our effort to eliminate the “I wish I knew” sorrow so many families feel.

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