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The 12 Days of Breastfeeding

Understanding your unique breastfeeding journey with your baby takes time. But it's often during this transition period that new moms say it feels the most difficult to continue nursing. So we're sharing not only what to expect in those precious first weeks after birth, but solutions to common problems to ensure you're off to the best start for a successful breastfeeding adventure.

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During The 12 Days of Breastfeeding Summit, you're going to learn...

day one

Tracey for Ingrid & Isabel
The First Few Weeks

Join Ingrid & Isabel‘s lactation specialistTracey Jedrzejek, (MA, IBCLC) and Shari from Navigating Parenthood for a Q&A covering all the common problems postpartum nursing moms face in the early weeks after birth. LIVE summit giveaway (closed): Ingrid & Isabel bra and MAMA & BABE weekender set. Plus, Tracey’s book Latch Baby-Illustrated Guide to Breastfeeding Success

Nourimama founder
Nutrition Demo

Nourimama founders Jennifer and Irene talk postpartum nutrition while demonstrating how to make a healthy snack to boost lactation. 

Thamar Innocent
Berenice Kernizan
Breastfeeding Positions

Bring your babies or baby dolls (if still expecting) to the Doula Sisters‘ breastfeeding demo. Thamar Innocent and Berenice Kernizan (childbirth educators & full-spectrum doulas) will cover all the different breastfeeding positions you can try to find what works best for your family.

Mama Mantra

Sometimes expecting and newborn mothers feel a lot of stress and anxiety around breastfeeding. Om Mommas founder, Kristine McGlinchey, will lead a positive breastfeeding and new mama mantra to push those worries aside. You’ve got this! Bonus: Be sure to get your free download to keep the positivity going. 

Pump In Style Breast Pump
All About Pumping

Ingrid & Isabel‘s lactation specialistTracey Jedrzejek, (MA, IBCLC) shares when and why to use a pump and the different types that exist. Plus, how to store your milk! LIVE summit giveaway (closed): Tracey’s book Latch Baby-Illustrated Guide to Breastfeeding Success and a Medela Pump In Style with MaxFlow!

Pragati Gusmano, ND
Your Hormones

Postpartum comes with a roller coaster of hormones, but breastfeeding can also contribute to this. During this session, Pragati Gusmano (ND) of Happy + Well Health will cover how breastfeeding affects hormones and what to do.

Rachael Shepard-Ohta
Baby Sleep

There’s a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to safe and “normal” infant sleep. Hey Sleepy Baby‘s Rachael Shepard-Ohta discusses what to expect of a breastfed baby’s sleep and sheds light on the bad advice we’re all given.

day two

Ali Levine

Mom, lifestyle expert, TV personality & podcast host, Ali Levine, shares why self-advocacy is so important as a breastfeeding mom during this LIVE Q&A.

Nipple Types & Soothers

The Boob Boss, Rue Khosa (ARNP, FNP-BC, IBCLC), explains why it’s important to know your nipple type — there are many! — and covers her favorite solutions for soothing sore nipples of all kinds. LIVE summit giveaway (closed): Stay after Q&A for a Silverette and Nustle giveaway!

Rachel Nicks
Julia Eisenstein
Shelley Suh
Confident Nursing

During this session, Loyal Hana founder, Shelley Suh, and and director of brand development, Julia Eisenstein, talk with Rachel Nicks about ways to feel confident as a nursing parent, even in public. And how to find the laws that protect your right to pump or nurse based on your state.

Rebecca Costello
Tongue/Lip Ties

Whether you’ve heard about tongue ties before or not, this is a talk you won’t want to miss! Rebecca Costello (IBCLC MPH) of In the Flow Lactation shares what a tongue/lip tie is, signs that your baby might have one, where to go to have it checked, and what to do after a revision. LIVE summit giveaway (closed): Virtual back-to-work and pumping visit ($125 value). 

Beth of Wild Child Apothecary
Herbs for Lactation

Whether you’d like to boost your milk supply, maintain it or dry things up, Beth of Wild Child Apothecary has the answers. Before audience Q&A, Beth will share the best herbs for lactation, how to make a tincture, and what herbs you should avoid.

Tanya Saunders
Anxiety Release

Feeling anxious? Spend 30 minutes with Pause Breathwork Facilitator, Tanya Saunders— she’ll lead you through a demonstration of proper breathwork and release all that tension

Dr. Gertrude Lyons

The becoming of a mother is a massive transformation. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been around kids all your life or already have a little at home, each new mothering journey births a new mother. And we want to empower you through this time. Dr. Gertrude Lyons closes our summit with a motivational conversation about the motherhood transition. LIVE Event giveaway (closed): Totum Women Lactation Cookie Mix.

me and the littles

meet your host

Hi, there! I’m Shari, the semi-crunchy, perpetually tired, socially awkward extended breastfeeding NorCal mom behind Navigating Parenthood. I’m also a lactation educator, postpartum doula, mother roaster, and infant massage instructor. I’ve been the mom who is worried she won’t be able to breastfeed, the mom with mastitis and cracked nipples, the confidant breastfeeder, the not-so-confidant breastfeeder, and the mom on little number 3 struggling to wait for her milk to increase after birth. My hope is that this summit helps you gain more info, tools and resources that you can have in your pocket should you need them so that you’re not filled with panic or anxiety during this important journey.

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Get The 12 Days of Summit Replays Now

$ 19
  • 12+ hours of expert talks ($1,000 value)
  • Unlimited access from your unique account ($400 value)
  • Summit downloads ($90 value)