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Empowering parents to navigate their unique parenting journey since 2014

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Empowering parents to navigate their unique parenting journey

We believe postpartum lasts years after you give birth and that expecting and new (or new again) families aren’t given enough information about postpartum ahead of time, leading many to end up in the “I wish I knew” club. At Navigating Parenthood, we offer on-demand courses, events, content, guides, and virtual & in-person services info to help expecting and new families feel equipped and empowered through this essential period that can last years. Though parent life is different for everyone (which is why we have different colors for the letters of “Parenthood” in our logo), our hope is that we help light the pathway for a smoother postpartum.


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  • Ages 25-43
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MEET the founder

Bonjour, i’m shari!

A neurodivergent NorCal mom of 5 (many ND) kiddos often referred to as a “Jane of all trades.” After years in editorial and photography, I started my own parenting website for scrunchy attachment-parenting style parents and from there began hosting parenting events and on-demand courses. Like all passionate parents, my business began because of a personal journey. In 2017, I discovered a need for more education about postpartum BEFORE birth to prepare families in order to allow for more support while actually in postpartum, leading to lower maternal mental health rates. I’ve experienced PMAD and have been on an airway health and oral ties journey with several of my babies, leading me to become what I call a Postpartum Wellness Specialist — someone trained in infant massage, CranioSacral Therapy, lactation, postpartum support, mother-warming, and baby sleep & well-being. I love that founding Navigating Parenthood has given me the opportunity to create new ways to help families, whether through social media, a gift guide, an in-person event, or outreach in some other way.

Social Media Work

Navigating Parenthood tests each product to ensure it’s a fit for eco-conscious scrunchy expecting and new families before partnering. Each non-sponsored review and sponsored campaign includes an item or service that would be helpful to expecting or new parents in some way from the family home to personal care, or everyday life. We’ve worked with many brands through the years and look forward to connecting with more life-changing brands!

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Some of our previous social brand partnerships include (but are not limited to): Lettuce Grow. HP. Target. My Little Zone. Bravado Designs. Yumble. Little People. First Alert. The Breastfeeding Shop. Home Chef. SeroVital. North States. Peach Dish. Bistro MD. Earth Mama. Growing Good. NutriBullet. Kiwi Crate. HOMER. LOVEVERY. Sarah’s Spanish School. Smarty Pants Vitamins. Jim Henson Company. Honeycomb App. Costco. Crane Baby. Ergo Baby.



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kind words

Ellie Steen, Bistro MD says…

“Working with Shari was an absolute pleasure. She went above and beyond to share our brand with her following. We gave her creative freedom, and even with very little direction from the brand, she did a beautiful job creating content and sharing our message. “

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Launches 4/29/24


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I’ve been creating, hosting, speaking at, and doing brand outreach for baby fairs, mom’s events, and educational summits since 2014. Below are a few of my more recent virtual events (with more coming in 2024).

famsummit event
oral ties event

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