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Tongue & Lip Ties

The Whole Care Toolkit

What are tongue & lip ties, how do they affect babies, and what tools and resources can families use? In these on-demand event replay videos, we’ll cover the basics of oral restrictions and dig into deeper conversations about how ties affect the whole body, development, and much more.

does this sound familiar?

  • You’ve heard that your baby might have a tongue tie but you’re not sure what that really means or what to do to help them
  • You’re confused about the choices you need to make after the results of a frenulum evaluation
  • Your baby’s oral ties were released but baby is still struggling with breast, body, or bottle feeding
Trust me, I’ve been there!

You’re experiencing this problem because…

01. There isn’t enough information out there

It can sometimes take knowing another parent who has been through a tongue or lip-tie journey for a new parent to hear about oral ties. Checking for ties is becoming more common, but not all providers have experience in this area or training, and some think it’s a fad.

02. Oral Ties Cases are Increasing

Whether or not it has to do with the increasing awareness around oral ties or the increased ingestion of folate during pregnancy to ensure the baby is healthy remains inconclusive, but people are becoming more aware of ties as the number of babies with ties cases increases.

03. It takes a team approach

The care team approach is really the missing piece to any oral tie journey. Without it, an oral tie may be released but continue to work the way it always has due to muscle memory. In this Whole Care Toolkit, we give you missing tools to add to your toolbox so that you can put the pieces together.


You Knew What to Do

  • Less family stress and frustration
  • Your baby’s mood and development are noticeably different
  • Your feeding goals are within reach
  • You know which providers to see and how to help your baby

let me introduce…

The Whole Care Toolkit

On-demand event replays all about tongue & lip ties

The Whole Care toolkit Might be for you if…
  • You want to learn ways to help your baby NOW
  • You’ve been wanting to sign up for Dr. Gigi’s courses for a while.
  • You’re ready to learn more and take notes.


course modules


Infant Massage & Communication

Shari Stamps (PPD, CEIM, ICST, CBS) at Navigating Parenthood covers ways to help your baby through infant massage. 


TOTS Suck Training

Dr. Gigi of Milk Matters PT shares her TOTS and suck training courses LIVE during this special event. Learn how to increase tongue mobility before and after a revision.


Meeting Milestones

Dr. Brita DeStefano (PT, DPT, PCS), the founder of Progress Through Play, shares the signs and symptoms associated with Torticollis and plagiocephaly, along with tools to help before getting one-on-one care. 


Lactation Support

One of the main reasons parents find out their baby has an oral restriction? Breastfeeding isn’t going well. The Boob Boss herself, Rue Khosa (ARNP, FNP-BC, IBCLC), shares about milk tongue, breastfeeding positions to try, and all about ties from the IBCLC perspective.


The Whole Body Connection

Your tongue connects all the way down to your feet, so imagine how oral ties/restrictions might affect everything else in the body —ouch! Dr. Kate Wong (DC) of Andromeda Wellness dives into how chiropractic care works with PT, IBCLC, Massage, and revision to improve mobility, help with learning new muscle memory, and meet milestones


The Expert Evaluation

Dr. Tracy Tan (DDS) shares why seeing a specialist when checking for ties is important, ways to look for a tie, and the different types of release options.


Ties to Feeding & Language

Anna Gross (MS, CCC-SLP, CLC) discusses why airway health is so important and how ties can affect speech, feeding, and more.


hey, i’m shari

The founder of Navigating Parenthood, a socially awkward mom to 5 kiddos (3 of which had ties), and a LEC, CEIM, ICST, and postpartum educator & doula who loves creating events to help families.

frequently asked questions

Our virtual event was held May 13, 2022.

Due to the digital nature of this event and the information shared, refunds are NOT given.

You will have on-demand event replay access for 2 months.

We do not offer CEUS as this event and the event replays are meant for parents seeking education and resources for their own personal journey. Please reach out to learn about upcoming events that might be of interest to you with the option of a certificate!


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