Easy Holiday Traditions for

Young Families


In this post you’ll find some simple holiday traditions for young families that will not break the bank, take tons of time, or drive you nuts!

Simple Holiday Traditions for Young Families


1. Treat Baking

S loves to bake with me and really enjoys frosting the cookies with her Nana.

R isn’t quite old enough to help bake yet so he chewed on the cookie presses and emptied out the bottom kitchen cupboards instead.

So no matter the age, this one makes for a great holiday tradition for young families!

2. Clothes Shopping

Nana always gives everyone a new pair of PJs on Christmas Eve and we pick up a lot of winter clothes for the kids just before December every year.

Make this one of your simple family holiday traditions this year!

3. Tree Decorating

The fun of decorating it together is always something we look forward to as a family and it’s one of our favorite family holiday traditions.

This year, we’re keeping it simple and baby proofing our Christmas decor.

My daughter always places the star on top of the tree and that is her favorite tradition!

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