5 Free Time Saving Apps

5 Free Time-Saving Apps You’ll Want to Download This Week

When there’s little time in the day to get the laundry list of to-do’s done, saving time and money is important. So why not load up your phone with apps that can help with that? I mean we’re not talking time warp stuff, or that you’ll be heaping up massive riches using these, but hey . . . every little bit helps, right? So go grab a cup of coffee and read on for 5 free time-saving apps that just might make your days run a bit smoother.time-saving apps roundup


This is a brand new app for the iPhone or iPad that lets you search for information and send it right from your keyboard. You heard right. No more switching out of your email or message app to get the info you want to copy. We’re talking emojis, addresses, websites, places of business and just about any info you Google. Gboard also uses the glide-typing feature, where you can simply slide your finger around the keyboard instead of tapping to type out your query. And don’t worry, things on your iPhone or iPad are personal, so it’s designed to keep your private information private. Gboard only sends your search query to Google’s web servers to process it and send you the search results. Nothing else. Everything you search is stored only on your device and is not accessible by Google or by any other apps but Gboard.

Available: iTunes


I hate it when the bill comes after dining out, and everyone has to sit there for 20 minutes trying to figure out what everyone owes. This app stands alone as the top tip calculator in the App Store for splitting a bill between multiple people. There’s a free Lite version and a paid version of the app but just get the free  one, it’s all you’ll need. Simply type in the amount of the bill, swipe the dial up or down to choose the tip percentage you would like to add to the bill and choose the amount of people splitting the bill. That’s it. You can round the tip up or round the total up (but not both) if you’d like, too. Make sure to set your area sales tax rate by tapping the Info icon at the bottom left. That way you don’t have to figure that in and it won’t include the tax in the tip calculation.

Available: Google Play, iTunes


This is the go-to app when you just need a helping hand. I love their mantra: “We do Chores. You Live Life.” TaskRabbit is a service based app where you can hire a Tasker for things you just can’t get to around the house or at your place of business. Each task is billed at different rates, ranging from $20 to $60/hr. based on experience and task needed. Taskers are skilled in just about anything – they fix stuff, they shop for you or run errands, they will pack or put furniture together. Need cleaning or organizing? They’ve got you covered. Need a few extra hands for a party? Done. Same-day trustworthy help is available wherever you are, and you pay for the work done via the app.
Available: Google Play, iTunes


This is one of the best apps for capturing and storing your digital life all in one place. It’s a pretty powerful app and if you only use one or two features, that alone will shave minutes off your tasks. I use it when searching online. I can “clip” articles or bookmark websites that I want to look at later, organizing it all in handy project Notebooks so I can find them fast! I can create notes, make to-do lists and file documents by typing the info in, taking a picture of it or downloading it from another device. It’s seamless and quick with a couple of clicks thanks to Evernote’s Web Clipper extension for your browser. Best of all, I can install the app on my computer, phone or tablet which gives me access to everything I’ve filed on any device at any time — Nice!
Available: Google Play, iTunes Apps

Favor Cart

Need anything? Favor Cart is a simple way for friends to help each other out. It works at any store like Trader Joe’s, Costco and Target, and there are no service fees attached. Simply create a “favor request” with a few taps to tell your friends what you need – It can be anything like milk, eggs, light bulbs, school supplies . . . whatever, you name it! Then your friends see your request and can accept it if they have time, grab what you need and deliver it to you. Well hey, they were already at the store anyway, and happy to help out. That’s what friends are for right? You get notified of the amount you owe and can transfer money directly to them from within the app. FavorCart saves the day (and sanity)! Then you can then return the favor next time you’re out and about.

Available: Google Play, iTunes Apps


Sending gifts this holiday season? Brave the post office lines or partner up with Shyp. No one has time for those lines! Shyp comes to you, picks up your package, and ships it anywhere in the world. They use the best, cheapest and most reliable carriers available, too. Just download the app, take a pic of the item you want to ship, fill out the destination and tap the request for pick up. Done. So easy! Shyp will come to you and send your item on its’ way so you can actually get to the things in life that really matter!

Available: Google Play, iTunes Apps

5 Free Time-Saving Apps You'll Want to Download Now

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