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5 Newborn Photos Every Parent Should Take

Photographers love taking newborn pictures — the babies are just so fresh, sweet and calm (mostly). The possibilities are endless during these types of sessions, but there are some go-to shots that I tend to take every time I’m in a newborn session. Keep reading for the 5 ultra-adorable newborn photos every parent should try to get.

Detailed Close Ups

Be sure to take close ups of your little one’s fingers, toes, hands holding hands, feet with rings, little noses, and lips. You  just can’t miss these parts as like everyone says they grow and change so quickly. (My favorite is little feet – I cannot get enough!)


With Accessories

These could be the most fun shots to capture and the easiest to go crazy with. (You should see the stash of hats and headbands I bring along to each shoot!) You can get the most creative with just the littlest details or keep it simple and classic. Just be careful not to wake the baby, and be quick if you have a little one who doesn’t like to wear things on her head.


In a Basket

These types of shots showcase baby’s size – they really are just so small. This is also a good time to use those hats and headbands!


With the Rest of the Family

Of course you want it to be all about baby, but you want to cherish your love too. Capturing the love and joy between parents and their newborn(s) is priceless – it makes up for all of the 2 a.m. feedings when you look back at these shots. Make these shots interactive, not posed. A bonus is capturing some shots with grandparents and older siblings if this isn’t your first rodeo!


A Sentimental Shot

Is dad a sports fan or do you both have something you just love doing together? A lot of the times this is where dad’s opinion and creative insight comes in. Perhaps even to show your love for each other with wedding rings holding baby.


Jessica Sullivan is a San Francisco Bay Area family, newborn and child photographer. After graduating from Brooks Institute of Photography in 2007, Jessica moved from Santa Barbara to San Francisco. Now nestled in cozy Marin county, she has fallen even more in love with life and capturing its ever changing and growing beauty.

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