4 Reasons California Moms Love Winter

Credit:  Scooter Lowrimore via Flickr Creative Commons
Credit: Scooter Lowrimore via Flickr Creative Commons

Once Winter hits the complaints usually start to roll in about how cold it is or how the kids are driving mom nuts because they’re wired but can’t run around outside to get out their energy so this post is all about the things moms (in California) love about Winter. Remember, there’s always a plus side!

1. Sweaters

Not only are sweaters warm and comfy, but wearing a sweater means that you don’t have to rush to shave in the shower. Yes, winter is an excuse to not shave . . . and it’s glorious.

2. Boots

These boots are made for walking . . . and splashing in puddles with the kids. Who doesn’t love wearing boots when it’s cold out? Oooh, especially if they’re boots to go wear in the snow. Chances are that if you live in a snowy Winterland you’re probably a bit perplexed about a California mom’s excitement when she visits the snow, but it’s simply because it’s something to visit and not shovel every morning to leave the driveway in this scenario.

3. Rain

Not only does California desperately need the rain that is currently gracing us with it’s presence, but there’s nothing like cuddling up in bed with the kiddos and listening to the rain while you read a bedtime story or drink some hot chocolate and veg out. Rain and cold weather also means a ton of warm jackets, long pants and . . . no shaving! Bonus: Nor Cal moms get to enjoy lush green hills with little rainbows after the rainfall.

4. Dress Up

Summer clothes are cute, but Winter clothes are so much cuter on kids in California. It’s during Winter that a mom doesn’t have to choose between this or that and can put multiple layers and options on the kiddo because it’s cold enough to justify it!

Why do you love being a mom in Winter? Share a few of your favorite reasons and your state in the comments section below!

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