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8 Apps That Make Hosting Holidays Easier

Gathering for special occasions is one of the reasons the holidays feel so magical. Well, that and there are presents involved. But with these big events comes the stress of putting it all together. Sometimes ensuring dinner is set and ready on time while also taking the time to decorate just right and be sure you have enough food (or people coming) can be a real bear! Fortunately, there are some very cool apps that make all this more of a breeze and less of a sandstorm. Keep reading for 10 apps that will make hosting holidays a little bit easier.

holiday feast

Paperless Post

Paperless Post is basically a digital invitation with pretty virtual stationery options for those of us who are hardcore in love with stationery and just couldn’t move into the world of virtual invites (before this). Choose your design, add your message or event info, then send it to friends without paying postage! Some designs do cost a bit to send, but you get your RSVPs a lot sooner and they’re easier to keep track of than all the loose paper RSVP cards.

Available (Free): iTunes App, Google Play

Pro Party Planner

If you’re hosting a large gathering Pro Party Planner is your go-to for keeping track of the guest list(s) and managing your seating chart.
Available ($5): iTunes


Have you ever been in the middle of cooking a big meal only to realize that you’re missing a few ingredients? Leaving the house while trying to finish putting things together or with something already in the oven that needs your attention may not be possible, but using Instacart could be your solution. Simply shop the stores (like Whole Foods and Costco) in the app and someone who is already shopping at the store will pick up your groceries too then drop them off!

Available (Free): Google Play, iTunes Apps


This app is your secret weapon when guests are staying for a bit! Not only does it let you clip recipes and split up shopping lists, but you can tell the app what’s in your fridge and get suggested recipes that will work with those ingredients!

Available (Free): Google Play, Windows Phone

Green Kitchen

This app is handy to have loaded on your phone in case you have some vegetarian guests coming to your home, or if you want to make a healthy vegetarian meal once in a while. It’s filled with vegetarian recipes, stunning pictures, and easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

Available ($5): iTunes


See a party recipe online that you really want to use? Paprika lets you grab recipes from online, pin recipes, create shopping lists and meal planners, and save your recipes across devices.

Available ($3): Google Play, iTunes, Mac, Windows


Whether a guest has a certain food allergy or you just realized you’re out of milk in the middle of a recipe, the Substitutions app is here to save the day. This app lets you search health-related substitutes and ingredient-specific substitutes.
Available ($2): iTunes

Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List

Looking for some fun new recipes based on dish? The Epicurious app is overflowing with recipes based on food type and if it’s in season, and it even lets you save recipes and create a shopping list based on your recipes to make meal planning for parties easier.

Available (Free): iTunes

10 Apps That Make Hosting Holidays Easier

What are your favorite apps to use when you host for the holidays?

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  1. Great list:) I’m a big user of Paperless Post for all my invitations and looking forward to trying these others out.

    1. Thanks, Jennifer, Paperless Post is great and I’m trying to make room for all of the other apps I love from this list!