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Darth Vader Cookie Fails

lookssamevaderGetting together to make butter cookies for the holidays is an annual tradition in my family — baking Darth Vader cookies is something new this year. Now, with limited items to work with attempts were made by all to create Darth Vader cookies and these fails are fairly funny. You’ll have to excuse the white Vader frosting as we attempted to make and buy black frosting but either way it turned out to be only dark green . . . which was reserved for Yoda.

Darth Vader and the Pink Hat

“Luke, is that blood or a pink hat on my head?”


Crazy Eyes Vader Has a Mustache

Uh oh, did Darth get into Mr. Potato Head’s wardrobe again? Looks like he visited that guy with the furry magnetic mustache, too.stachevader

Blue Vader

This one kinda Looks Like a Cat or Dog . . . not really sure.


Ghost Vader

This guy could blend into a Pac Man game really well if he didn’t have the mustache.


Dotted Darth

Poor guy got all jumbled up.


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