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Making Eating More Fun and Less Fuss for Picky Eaters


Are your kids fussy eaters no matter what you offer them? All kids pretty much go through phases of being picky, or loving a certain food one day (so you stock up), only to tell you a day or so later that it’s gross, but Melissa Desrochers thinks she may have found the solution to most picky eater problems — presentation. There are blogs and Pinterest boards dedicated to the art of decorative kiddo bento boxes, aimed at making food fun and appetizing, so there must be something to it, right?

While working as a daycare provider, Melissa cared for many kids who were fussy about what and how they eat, but it wasn’t until her own kids started becoming picky at age 2 that she decided to make this whole thing easier for parents everywhere. After researching picky eating she learned that the presentation of the food, and utensils used make all the difference. Her kids wanted their food cut into tiny pieces, and to eat their treats with a toothpick. Since toothpicks can be sharp and hard to grip, Melissa thought about ways to make this idea more kid-friendly and accessible . . . and Pick-Ease was born!


Not all kids are picky eaters, and not all picky eating habits are “just a phase” for kids, so Pick-Ease was made to appease kids of all eating types and ages. My daughter has never really been a picky eater, but my nephew has always struggled with trying new foods (especially when he was younger), so I thought I’d give Pick-Ease a try and share the results with everyone. Pick-Ease sent Savvy Every Day an adorable Picnic Pack ($9) to try out. It includes a pink flower and honey bee Pick-Ease, which are easy for kids to grip and safe for kiddos to use (BPA-free and made in the USA).

As soon as Savannah saw the Picnic Pack once it came in the mail she tried to take them up to her room to use in her play kitchen. I washed them (and the stickers stayed on just fine) then cut up some tasty Dubliner cheese and organic watermelon to try them out. The cheese was definitely easier to pick up using Pick-Ease than the watermelon, but S had fun eating both with her new utensil. (My daughter doesn’t care if I put foods together so I put the cheese and watermelon together in a cup, but this is not advised if you have a picky eater.)


I really like that I can just throw the utensils in the dishwasher with the rest of my dishes after we’re done using them. The fact that they’re easy to hold, made in the US, dishwasher safe, BPA-free, and my daughter enjoys them is a plus. The tip of Pick-Ease it pointy enough to stab the food, but dull/safe enough to not hurt kids, which is totally necessary. I think making something like this in different colors and themes to fit kids interests was pretty smart. Picky kids want to eat with a toothpick, but also love eating food presented in a fun way, so I think Pick-Ease covers all that fairly well but I want to know what you think! Pick-Ease is giving away a Pick-Ease set to one lucky family to try out. If you win and have a picky eater (or already have a Pick-Ease), please let everyone know your experience with the product in the comments below!

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