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Mama Fit: Workout Gear That Works!

I’m not a fit person (so keep that in mind when looking at my photos), but I’ve been trying to be better about working out to get myself back in shape, and my body to a healthy space. I’ve tried Absolute Barre, a CrossFit class (currently limping from doing that one yesterday) and a few others I’m sharing in another FitMama post in the next few weeks, which all required the right workout outfit, of course. I’ve tried a few for a complete set I love and am sharing with you this week (along with a giveaway)!

I was provided a workout bra from Title Nine and yoga pants from Dear Kate for this review. All opinions are my own.

The Workout Bra

OK, so before a few months ago I didn’t own an exercise bra, I’d just wear one of my regular ones to any random workout classes I’d make it to. But Title Nine reached out about the workout bra fitting events they were having in nearby stores and it gave me a great opportunity to test out a workout bra for once. Their in-store selection was nice, but I really like all the fun options on their website best, and adore their Starting Block grant for at-risk-girls (Savvy Every Day loves businesses that invest in social good). Title Nine gave me a gift certificate good for one workout bra and I picked Moving Forward’s Form First Bra in black and pink. I wasn’t sure how a workout bra should fit, so I’m glad the Title Nine staff helped me out when I picked the bra up (and they cover all kinds of half sizes, which is so awesome). My new workout bra is so supportive and comfortable, but best of all it keeps my chest from feeling sweaty and itchy during an intense workout.

The Workout Pants

From there, I wanted to share some pants with you all that are made by women, for women so I went with Dear Kate. This brand of underthings and yoga pants keeps real bodies in mind, and includes an extra lining in the bottoms so you can go without underwear with confidence (and no camel toe). The extra liner is also great for an little leaks that might occur, whether you’re a new mom who still leaks a little when she sneezes, or your Aunt Flow is a bit heavier than expected that day).

My Dear Kate full-length yoga pants feel weightless. I simply love, love wearing them! They make me feel slender and like I could move in any motion without limits (which is what you want in a exercise/yoga pant)! The little pocket for my key or wedding ring (my circulation is so bad that I have to take it off before an intense workout) is super handy as well. I’m really glad the website mentions moving up a size when ordering with them, though, because I needed a size larger than I would normally buy (based on their size chart). The only thing I wish was a bit different is the dip in the back. I felt like it was a little low (although that could be because I need an even bigger size and I chose the wrong one).

Since I’m not the most fit lady (as previously mentioned), and I’m a bit nervous about sharing a photo of myself in just a workout bra and yoga pants, I appreciate that Dear Kate doesn’t think about their customers as Victoria’s Secret models, or even blogger/writers like me as having to represent their product with a hot bod. Dear Kate knows that the “Perfect Body” is different for every woman, and that’s OK! (Click here to learn more about their Perfect Body campaign.)

workout gear normal1

 Bra: Moving Forward Form First ($50, Title Nine)

Pants: Dear Kate Full-Length Yoga Pant ($128-$158, Dear Kate)

I had a fantastic experience with both Title Nine and Dear Kate, and really think you should check them out (especially if you’re a mom!). Why? TitleNine.com allows exchanges for up to one year, which means if you’re like me (and pretty much anyone with “mom brain” and not enough time in the day), that’s just enough time for you to finally get around to exchanging a bra you meant to send in for a better fit (if that happens).

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  1. Carol Burgess says:

    I work out doing pilates, jogging, yoga, and exercising. I need a good workout bra to keep me secure. Awesome giveaway! Thank you for the chance!

  2. I don’t currently own a sports bra and could really use one that is supportive and comfortable in my size that fits great because I like to work-out and be active and healthy! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

    1. You’re welcome, Shawna! I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one not using a sports bra yet. I hope you find the right fit!

  3. Kari Coffey says:

    I need something with lots of support, and have had difficulty finding something off the rack. This is a great opportunity!

  4. I want a new workout bra because mine do not fit right. I need something with better support.

  5. I just signed up for a gym membership and only own 1 sports bra which took me forever to find a supportive one in my size and cost too much. So I’d love to win one for my new lifestyle change!

    1. Lynda, you’re like me! I just finally got one. Congrats on your new adventure and good luck in the giveaway. 🙂

  6. Candace Galan-Calderon says:

    Because I really, really need a new workout bra!

  7. Gabrielle Tyson says:

    I started a workout routine about four months ago, and I only have one sports bra. I have a difficult time finding a spots bra that supports be properly, and doesn’t cost a small fortune…..which is why I have only one. It would be great to have another, so I don’t have to wash multiple times each week.

    1. Exactly! These bras are pricey sometimes, and the ones at Title Nine definitely offer great support. Good luck!

  8. I love running and sure would like a new sports bra since my current one is 7 years!

  9. Jessica Peeling says:

    Because I’ve never had the proper “work out bra” and I’m trying to get fit for my third year of medical school, since I”ll always be on my feet!

  10. Bonnie Fisher says:

    Comfortable work out clothes are key!

  11. Nicole Acuna says:

    I am starting a new fitness routine so i can shed my excess baby weight, this would be perfect!

  12. Courtney-Lynn says:

    Just getting back to my own fitness journey here. The good news: it’s working. He “bad” news: when you start dropping weight you really need to buy new workout clothing that fits – especially the bra!!

    1. Congrats on your journey, and having already lost weight, Courtney-Lynn! I haven’t lost anything yet, but I’m just getting started. Good luck in the giveaway!

    1. FYI: The link for referrals goes to your home page not the giveaway.

      1. Hi, Cassi! You’re sent to my Home Page after entering the giveaway, but I’ll look into what you mentioned.

  13. I want a sports bra that offers comfort and fits me well while working out.

    1. LaTanya, that’s definitely a good reason to enter this giveaway, Title Nine has so many options! Good luck in the giveaway!