boy wearing panda t-shirt staring at panda-themed birthday treat table with a panda cake
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A Gorgeous Last-Minute Panda First Birthday Party

Lucie wanted her son, Filip, to have a great big first birthday party just like his older sister, Laura, but she wasn’t quite sure what to choose for the party theme. Then just a month before the party it came to her — a panda party! Between the gorgeous color contrast and adorable panda faces, you’ll love this fun party idea.

panda birthday party

“I was sitting behind my laptop and searching one page after another. The celebration was supposed to be in a month and I still hadn’t chosen the main theme. . . Finally, I don’t know how, Panda crossed my mind (and yes, I’m glad Filip is so little that he can’t complain about that),” Lucie shares.

Panda head Bday cake

After having a difficult time finding the pieces in the Czech Republic to put the party together, Lucie ended up making everything but a paper bag with a panda on it and some flags that she had found online while looking for inspiration on Pinterest. The best part? She made it all the day before the party! It kind of gives the rest of us busy moms some party planning hope because it came together beautifully (and as photogenic as Lucie had hoped, too).

Panda party bag

Instead of worrying about prepping and making all of the food while trying to create a panda party from scratch, Lucie had it catered (smart move)! “I just told myself that I want everything the less stressful as it can be, and of course I couldn’t bake as well because my oven doesn’t work very well (what an excuse, huh?),” jokes Lucie. “I hired a friend to take care of all catering for 9 people and 2 children and the food was divine!”

Panda birthday party food table

Tray of dessert and sign that says "One"

panda cake pops

panda decorated cookies

How does Lucie think her family party went? “Well, it was perfect like always. I love those moments when my whole family is together to celebrate raising a new generation. It’s good to be here, chat, enjoy each other and mostly the children who are beginning to need all of our attention.” She adds that even though Filip may not have known what was going on he really liked having everyone over at the house and was thrilled to get presents.

smiling Filip

Shop This Birthday Party

Want to get started on your own black & white panda inspired kiddo birthday party? Check out a few idea starters at the links below to get you going! (These are affiliate links so I’ll earn money toward diapers if you make a purchase.)

Mom and dad at Panda themed birthday party, each holding one of their toddler boys

Lucie is a Czech Republic mom of two beautiful kids, the older Laura and younger Filip, and is married to a man who makes her life complete. She’s trying to do things that make her happy and to make life more interesting for everyone. Read more about Lucie on her website, Recipefor30s.

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