• Image of 4-seater Black Wonderfold Wagon

    4-Seater Wagon Rental


    Need a 4-seater wagon for your next trip or want to see if the Wonderfold would be worth purchasing for your home? Rent our wagon for a few weeks!

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  • babywearing mom holds baby near tree trunk

    Baby Carrier Comparison Rental


    Not sure which baby carrier fits your family best or only need a carrier for a short time? Choose from our selection of baby wraps, ring slings, and structured carriers for your baby carrier rental! Each rental includes your choice of two different carrier types to test out for one month. Need just one carrier?…

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  • Shari with the Colugo family vacation stroller

    Compact Stroller Rental


    Need a compact stroller for an upcoming trip but don’t want to invest in another item for the garage? Try out a compact stroller rental!

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  • Lovevery Kit

    Lovevery Kit Rental


    Not ready to invest in a Lovevery subscription of your own yet? Borrow one of our Lovevery Kits to use with your little one for up to a month. This is also a great rental for when family comes to town with little ones younger than your own kids!

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