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7 Super Awesome Valentine’s Day Crafts for Parents & Kids

Whether you’re a fan of cards, gifts or even celebrating Valentine’s Day, there’s still a lot of fun to be had in making Valentine’s Day-themed crafts. Not only can kiddos feel like they’re making something special for those they care about, but craft time is also fantastic bonding time. Plus, there’s the added bonus of doing a lot of heart-shaped stuff, which if you love hearts (I do!) is always a win. Keep reading for some simple Valentine’s Day crafts for moms & tots to enjoy together this February.

7 Super Awesome Valentines Roundup Image

Light-Up Circuit Valentines

One of my daughter’s favorite preschool activities was learning about how circuits worked to turn on a light, and this awesome craft from Left Brain Craft Brain makes it easy for anyone to try it at home! Talk science while enjoying some crafty time with your kiddo, then see their friend’s faces light up when they get these super cool cards!

valentines day card diy

String Art Valentines

Oh So Savvy Mom shares a tip for making your own string art valentine, here, and it’s such a great idea! Since you’re putting the nails in yourself this design can really become your own! Have the kiddo draw their design on the piece of wood then simply add your nails and you both can take turns adding the yarn! Use several colors for a fun effect.

String art valeninte

Heart Stamp for Preschoolers

Need a craft in a pinch? This one from Lovely Lucky Life‘s a cinch (ahahaha)! So clever and so easy to do, your little one is going to love making shapes with their new stampers. Have your kiddo stamp on long sheets of paper to make gift wrap for other Valentine’s Day presents, or to just have paper handy for the next birthday or holiday.

Heart stamps


Valentine’s Day Handprint Craft

Looking for a craft that will make a parent or grandparent’s heart melt? This is it! Love this cute idea for a Valentine’s Day gift from A Sprinkle of Joy.

handprint valentine art

Keepsake Valentine’s Day Envelopes

This one from My Plot of Sunshine is more for the crafty mamas, but kids can definitely help too by picking out felt colors and writing their name. This would be a great item to use in pretend play, at school for Valentine’s Day card collection, and in years to come.

Valentine envelopes

Valentine Canvas Art

Let your little artists run free with this fun freeform activity from Joyful Abode. Glue, gems, buttons and more? Yea, I think this one will be a hit.

Valentine canvas art

Beaded Name Hearts

This cute craft from Fun-A-Day promotes fine motor skills while also encouraging creativity, spelling/name recognition, and counting!

Beaded name valentines

What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day craft?

7 Super Awesome Valentine's Day Crafts for Parents and Kids

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