9 Fun & Practical Mother’s Day Gifts For New and Expecting Mamas

Mother’s Day isn’t all roses and chocolates — Well at least I hope not, because I really enjoy brunch and mimosas — There are some other functional items moms-to-be or new moms need for Mother’s Day, too! If you’re still stumped on what to get the mama in your life keep reading for some gifts that are not only useful but just plain lovely. I recommend buying them all for a cute gift set, but see which fits your mama’s needs best. Bonus: You can buy most of these items in-store, via instant download or with free 2-day ship on Amazon!

I received these items to review/test before recommending to you. This is not a sponsored post, but may contain affiliate links.

9 Fun & Practical Mother's Day Gifts For New and Expecting Mamas


Sleep is extremely rare for new and expecting parents, which is exactly why The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time by Arianna Huffington is so essential. She gets it! Read, connect and gain helpful insight on action to take. Arianna’s narration makes the book such an easy and enticing read that any mom would enjoy. Choose the immediate download option online or check it out in-person at your local book store.


This Boppy Bloom Skincare Line (stretch mark cream, body oil, whipped belly butter, soothing breast balm) is a great way to pamper a pregnant and postpartum body for smooth, healthy skin. Buy on Amazon for 2-day ship (only the stretch mark cream is available for Prime ship) or look for it at your local Babies R’ Us.


The Bravado Designs Nursing Tank offers full length & full support! It’s ultra soft, comfortable and has a cute center cinch design. Great for wear during pregnancy, while nursing, or as an undershirt. Buy online or find a store here.


Sometimes moms don’t realize how awesome they are, which is why Awesome Box is so fab! Just a little fair warning, though, I’m pretty sure this gift will get the mom in your life all teary-eyed. Share pictures of your life journey so far ending with an ultrasound or new baby birth pic for mamas-to-be or new moms. Have a pro mom on your hands? Share pics from the start of motherhood to now and be sure to include little notes about how you feel about her and how amazing she is on the back of all the cards. These cards are sentimental but also practical since they can be used as coasters (and mom will want to leave them out to look at a lot). Creating a box is simple with easy-to-follow instructions and example boxes to get you started. (Psst don’t tell but I’m making one for my mom’s Bday!)


Jewelry is kinda a must on Mother’s Day, right? Isabelle Grace has an assortment of bracelets and necklaces perfect for any mom with or without the kiddo’s names on it. I personally love the hand stamped Luna Necklace and got it with Savannah’s name on it. I’m also eyeing the Curved Bar Necklace, Bezel Gemstone Necklace and Braille “Mom” Necklace! These are only available online but a cute gift note showing what’s on the way, or saying that she can pick her own is a sweet temporary gift until the jewelry arrives.


I don’t normally post about religious items on this site (though I am a believer), but Pressing Pause: 100 Quiet Moments for Moms to Meet with Jesus made this list because moms rarely get 15 minutes to themselves in a day and this book really helps with making time for just a few minutes in the day to press pause and re-connect with your own self. A little time to re-center goes a LONG way for a mama, trust me. I really like that each daily read is only about 1.5 pages then there’s space for reflection/thoughts because I don’t have time for more than a page or so a day when it’s “me time.” Plus, you can’t beat the $2 download price!


Once the post-pregnancy period starts again pads and tampons are the last thing moms want to think about (especially eco-conscious mamas concerned about the chemicals in those products and waste in the landfill). Enter Lunette — A colorful menstrual cup available in different sizes for different needs and great for first-time cup users. All cups are made of medical-grade silicone so they’re safe. I’ve tested this cup and accompanying wash out for one period so far and it was so simple to use compared to others I’ve tried.


Sometimes mamas don’t feel very human unless they’ve had a bit of time to clean up for self-care, and since new mamas aren’t going to be able to make it to the salon for the next 3-5 years an at-home option like Nad’s Exfoliating Wax Strips is best. Bonus: Nad’s was created by a mom trying to make a natural hair removal option for her daughter! These strips can be purchased online or you can waltz into Target for a box.


What’s do new moms do most with their kiddos? Take pictures! I’m pretty sure feeding and changing diapers are almost as often, but the amount of pictures taken by a new mom is unbelievable. Instead of sleeping when the baby’s sleeping she’s taking pics at how cute her little cherub is when he’s finally out, which is exactly why a fun little camera like the Fujifilm Instax (in her fave color choice) is a great gift to add to this amazing set of gifts already listed. Plus, it’s on sale for $60 at Target right now!

Which gift is your favorite?

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  1. Haha I’m not a mom but I’m sure everyone would love sleep as a gift. Definitely have to share this with my friend who is a new mom.

    1. Right Natasha? LOl sleep is totally something I want every Mother’s Day 😉 Thank you for sharing!